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  1. P1166 and P0845 on 2003 CRV EX

    Problems & Issues
    Hello friends. My 2003 CRV got check engine light 3-4 months back. I checked it with my regular (small) auto repair shop. he gave me error code P1166 and P0845 and mentioned that 1166 is for O2 sensor nad i can run my car for sometime before geting it fixed. I am planning to get it fixed now as...
  2. P1298, P1166, P0134 and P0845 on 2003 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My 2003 CRV had check engine light on with P1298, P1166, P0134 and P0845 codes. I bought Denso O2 sensor and changed the a/f sensor from Pepboys. I think the mechanic erased the codes because now my check engine light is off. I was expecting the O2 sensor to fix only P1166, P0134 codes. How...
  3. p1166 a code from the code reader

    Problems & Issues
    02 CRV EX My E-TEST is the month and the engine light is on and the scanner read P1166. I know it a O2 Sensor ( which one, I dont know ) how do I find out which one it is. what are the the things I need to be aware of
  4. P1166 and Pending P1077 Codes

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi Guys, You have a great forum here, and I've been impressed with the level of quality and participation in it! I hope you can help with my problem please: I got a CEL on my 'V and ran a scanner which indicated DTC P1166. The expanded information indicated: Air/Fuel Ratio (A/F) Sensor...
  5. 2002 CRV with CEL

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi- I thought maybe an experienced person may be able to help me with my situation. My wifes CRV AC went out and I talked Honda USA into replacing the entire thing for free! Thats the good news. Since then, the CEL light came on but I did not know about it until several months later as "she"...
  6. P1166 & 1167

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I have a Honda CR-V(02). The malfunction light has been on. I asked someone at the local Auto Zone to check for me. He gave me two troubleshooting codes, which are p1166 and p1167. I have monitored my gas mileage and it seems fine. I have done some research and found that there...