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  1. P1167 and engine type? 2002-CRV

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I replaced my O2 sensor and the DTC changed from P0167 to P1167. CEL is still on. Probably the wrong O2 sensor (DENSO 234-9005) but how can I tell if I have the F23A1 or F23A4 engine (or is it K24A1 and K24A4)? Looked everywhere for tag or piece of paper but there is nothing under the hood...
  2. 2002, OBD Error Codes P1167, 1166, and 1298

    Problems & Issues
    Engine light on. Hooked up OBD scanner at Adv Auto Parts and got error codes P1167, 1166, and 1298 all dealing with "fuel air metering". Couldn't get any more specific re parts though possibly mass air flow meter. Am I going to need dealership to avoid a lot of trial and error? Thks.
  3. P1167, SRS light

    Problems & Issues
    My wife has a 2002 CRV with 99000 miles the SRS light came on and the check engine light. I had Advance Auto read light, came back P1167. I looked it up and internet said 02 sensor. Called dealership and they said it would be $529 for front sensor and 459 for back sensor. We dont have that kind...
  4. Check Engine codes P1167 and P0137

    Problems & Issues
    Help, the engine check light has come on in my 02 CRV. I am getting these two codes. What should I do? Does anybody have picture showing where these sensors are located? P1167 - Air/Fuel Ratio (A/F) Sensor (Sensor 1) Heater System Malfunction P0137 - Secondary Heated Oxygen Sensor (Secondary...
  5. 02 CR-V Check Engine Light

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I have had the CR-V for nearly 8 years, and recently, the check engine light comes on and off. The engine sounds fine, I don't see smoke coming out, or rattling or anything, and it is able to runs normally. I just don't understand why the light is on. I did a code check at autozone, and...
  6. REROBI 2002 CRV w/ codes P1298 P1167 P0845

    Problems & Issues
    I've seen other postings where folks have changed their own O2 Sensors and I've saw one recommendation to use Denso Sensors. Any advice on these three codes and how a do-it-yourselfer should proceed with parts etc?