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  1. P1362 on CRV 2003.

    Problems & Issues
    After intermittent no-start issues I have the P1362 code. DTC P1362: CMP Sensor B (TDC Sensor) No Signal The CMP sensor is supposed to be behind the EGR valve. I can't find either. Anybody have any diagrams or pictures to help locate and troubleshoot?
  2. error code P1362

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I have an error code P1362. I've read this means that there's no signal from the TDC crankshaft sensor. Could this code be triggered by a mere interruption in the signal from the sensor? If yes, would it make sense to clear this code and then see if it comes back to tell if something is...
  3. Code P1362 TDC Sensor

    Problems & Issues
    This was code dealer told me related to Check Engine light staying on. What is this? Do I have to replace the distributor? Thanks Dave
  4. Check Engine codes: P0420 & P1362

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Well basically my mom purchased her car new back in 1998 its a CRV ex I need to clear up these codes.. P0420 and P1362 I had autozone pull the codes for me and this is what i got.. P0420: The PCM has determined that the catalyst system efficiency for bank 1 is below threshold for the...