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  1. 02-06 CRV Protection starter pack For Sale

    Trading Post
    Well I bought an 06 SE and loved it. Bought all the weather tech goodies and promptly totaled the CR-V. so I am selling the whole package of interior liners, the hood deflector and a cabin and engine air filter. All in tan color and all new or like new having used them for less than 4 months...
  2. 2002 coil pack bolt

    Maintenance and Service
    I changed the plugs on my ‘02 today and noticed one of the coil packs is missing the bolt that secures it down. I’d like to replace it ASAP even though it’s been driving fine without for who knows how long, if it’s something I could pick up at a hardware store I’d definitely prefer that to mail...
  3. rust on coil pack?

    Problems & Issues
    hi I just changed my spark plug on my crv and I saw that my 3rd coil pack have rust around it, other coil pack looks oky no rust only the 3rd one. should I replace or just leave it alone? just wondering if I need to worry about it or not
  4. 2016 crv did not start. AAA tried jump pack, no start. Took to dealer,

    Problems & Issues
    their jump pack did not work. Pushed into service bay, car started right away. It has started 100 times since, every time perfect. Dealer said cannot fix if nothing wrong, can only test starter if it is in failure mode. Going home without a fix. HELP.
  5. Changing Spark Plugs on 2006 - Broke Coil Pack Tabs

    Problems & Issues
    I changed the spark plugs on my 2007 no issues. On my 2006, I broke 3 of 4 tabs on the coil packs by simply pushing on them to release them from the wiring harness. I would upload a photo but I am getting errors on the web site. Is there a simple fix for this? :-( Thanks
  6. Hardwiring an Alpine KTP-445 power pack to the factory head unit?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have an Alpine KTP-445a powerpack/mini amp from my old car. I just upgraded the speakers on my 2013 CRV - I want to keep the factory head unit and hopefully use this mini amp for a decent sound system upgrade but nothing major. This is the model that comes with alpine harnesses, designed for...
  7. Pack for your road trip with an OEM Roof Rack

    Honda Part World
    Planning a vacation or going camping? Add a Roof Rack or Cargo Carrier to your Honda for extra storage space. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day from Honda Part World!
  8. CRV Dynamic Pack

    Hi. I'm new to the site... I haven't yet got a CRV but i'll be getting a used 2007-2008 model in a few months. I'm going for the EX model, however the Dynamic Pack with the sporty bumpers and spoiler is essential because it looks so much nicer! However... I'm concerned that if I don't manage to...
  9. Fitting a Navigation Pack

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All Is it possible to have the Navigation Pack installed in your CR-V After you have purchased the vehicle, or does it have to be done in the Factory? I Have a 2007 SE Many thanks Richard
  10. Advanced Safety Pack ~ Additionals?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Guys, I'm ordering a UK 2008 CR-V EX (SatNav, etc, etc) with the Advanced Safety Pack. Now whilst I know of the safety features and what they do and stand for, what I'm trying to find out is all the other little differences/extras you find on the CR-V with the ASP. i.e. the chrome badge and...