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  1. Paint Peeling underneath front hood in 2 spots

    Problems & Issues
    Paint peeling in 2 spots under front hood. No way did a rock hitting these spots while driving cause this. Will contact Honda tomorrow. What do you think? 2007 EX-L w/ Nav 4wd
  2. Should I paint my '99 a different color?

    I'm thinking of fixing up my '99 CR-V, to include a paint job. It's currently the factory hunter green color, and I was thinking of going with a dark burgundy. Is it advisable to change the color? I've heard that the "paint job will only last a couple of years" and things such as that...
  3. Peeling paint above tailgate window

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2002 CRV which has suddenly started severely peeling paint above the tailgate window. The color is the metallic tan (I believe it's called Aztec Gold?) Nothing is peeling elsewhere on the body. Has anyone had or heard of a similar problem? Thanks!
  4. wheel paint

    I have the silver crv and wheels have some rust showing. Honda dealer says they don't have paint. Anybody know a specific paint color, preferably spray can, that can be used to paint the wheels?
  5. Can I spray paint my spoiler?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I'm planning to buy a primed spoiler on ebay for $110.00 shipped. The problem is that it's unpainted. They sell spray paint at auto part stores that are made to paint accessories like this. Has anyone tried this? How does it look?
  6. Paint Lower clading to match Body color!

    Can any of you P-shop pros please paint the lower clading to match the body color? ... door handles & mirrors too!? Thanks. More help needed by others here, thank you ... might be on to a nice look. :) My Inspiration ... &...
  7. 99 v black paint coming off door belt trim

    99 v ex has black painted chrome belt trim outside all 4 door windows, the black paint is peeling off should I just use like some steel wool and take it all off, i wouldnt mind chrome, plaus IMO it should not be painted just for the reason, its hard to make paint stick
  8. Orange Peel Paint Job

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    Picked up a 2007 EX-L 4wd w/ NAV 2 weeks ago. I really enjoy the vehicle. While polishing it with Zaino (great polish), I noticed what a ****ty paint job it had and could see "orange peel" beneath the finish.
  9. Paint on center console wiped off!

    So I was trying to clean the inside a bit, when my little glade air-freshener fell down, and bumped against the center console as it went to the floor. As I'm trying to clean up, the paint just comes right off! Is the paint used *that* cheap that it just wipes right off? Any idea how this can...
  10. Touch-up Paint for '99

    Hi... My nearest dealer is 1 hour away from me. I was out that way one day and stopped in to buy some touch up paint and of course they don't stock it, they'd have to order it. Is there any place else I can get touch-up paint for a Silver '99?
  11. Fixing Paint Chip/Rust

    Hi. I have an 06 CR-V that has a small paint chip on the front of the hood. The problem is that the there's now rust in that area (about 1 mm diameter) and I want to get rid of it before any further damage happens. I'm hoping that someone here can answer a few questions for me: On all the...
  12. Dealer Paint protection

    Wax on, Wax Off
    Of course at the end of the deal someone took us into their office and discussed the paint and anti-rust protection package. It came to $1390 which incuded the LOJACK installation. I had read someplace that it could be a rip-off but what the heck, we are in our later years and what is $1390...
  13. Touchup paint

    Any advice on getting the paint to flow from ball point type tip of OEM touchup bottle..They state use lacquer thinner..other than that,any suggestions:confused: Thanks..!! Thanks to Bill at HandA Honda...Everything working fine...