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  1. Oil pan leaking Honda CR-V 2002

    Problems & Issues
    My first post here. My Honda CR-V 2002 is leaking oil from oil pan. Can someone kindly help me with a couple questions? First is there any way to possibly use some kinda epoxy to seal where it's leaking? Yeah I know it's not the right way. Secondly should I attempt this repair myself? I'd have...
  2. Lower engine pan fasteners

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    First oil change was the dealer. The second one I did myself. I found one of the fasteners for the lower engine cover to be missing. Rattled out? Dealership forgot it? The other fasteners were already corroded. I’m getting the feeling replacing these will be the norm in the coming years if I...
  3. 1997 CRV Rocker/Floor Pan Repair

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    Hey folks. So I sat on the CRV for a bit before diving into repairs. The car runs and drives so nicely, I thought I’d try and tackle some of the rust issues. I pulled the steps off, rocker trim, and this is what I found: I cut out the entire section of bad metal, clean up the rest for...
  4. 02-06 Oil Pan Removal

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello All, I am stuck changing out a rusted through oil pan on a 2003 CRv. I'm familliar with the not so fun task of dropping the frame enough to let the pan clear. But thinking out loud I'm wondering if enough clearance can be obtained by simply removing the passenger side motor mount. and...
  5. Bottomed out 08 ex-l cracked oil pan and transmission clunks - ideas?

    Problems & Issues
    I bottomed out my 08 unexpectedly and thought I hit a brick wall! I managed to get home to discover the oil pan had cracked (1mm hole) and the plastic was mangled. The transmission now clunks and feels off butt drives ok otherwise Of course it happened at a great time? I do t see any real...
  6. That pan under has two parts

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Part numbers for your Oil change. bolt and scre Bolt cover screw type 90105-tba-a00 screw 90674-ty2-a01 1/4 turn bolt
  7. Aluminum oil pan - future problem?

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Recently bought 2017 CR-V with aluminum oil pan. Plan on keeping it 10+ years. I don't think the threads in the oil pan for the drain bolt will last that long. Have Considered a Sure Seal plug with o-ring and a Femco valve. Does anyone run the Sure Seal plug? Somebody point me in the right...
  8. Low-profile Oil Drain Pan

    Maintenance and Service
    With the ground clearance getting smaller and smaller, I searched far and wide for a low-profile oil drain pan that will allow me to change oil without jacking up my Gen 4 CR-V. I was impressed by the Harley Davidson low-profile oil drain pan. Yes, a motor cycle oil pan. I tested it and it can...
  9. FS: Curt 13119 Class 3 2" hitch, Wiring Kit, modified plastic under pan

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    I can not locate a Buy-Sell section. Apologize if this is not where its supposed to be. If it can be moved, admin please do. Anyway I have a used Curt hitch 13119 from my 2014 CRV. It will fit any 4th Gen CRV. Other then some surface rust, its in good condition. (It wont fit our new 2017)...
  10. Possible to remove Oil Pan on 99 without removing Mid Pipe?

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    Hello. Have been lurking here for several years and usually found all the answers I needed. I have a 99 CRV with 355K KMs, and have an oil pan gasket leaking like a sieve all over my driveway. Can the oil pan come out without removing the Mid Pipe that goes under the oil pan? My bolts (and...
  11. 2004 CR-V oil pan

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I have a 2004 CR-V that I need to replace the oil pan on because of rust. I was wondering who has the best step by step manuals for pulling the engine. I have the shop and tools, but have never worked on a honda before. Thanks, Dan
  12. engine oil leaked from crankcase pan gasket

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    My crv has been leak oil from engine crankcase pan gasket. So I renewed rubber gasket. Although it was still leaked from near gear box side. I doubt oil was from main crank shaft seal. If leakage from there renewal of this seal may be difficult. What should I do?
  13. 2002 CRV AWD Oil Pan Replacement Help

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi Folks! First time posting so go easy on me if I don't know protocols. I had a slight, slow oil leak that i thought changing the oil gasket would fix. Turns out that there is a patch on welded my oil pan (I'm the 2nd owner) where someone must have repaired it. I believe its leaking around...
  14. Had Oil Change At Dealership and Stripped Out Oil Pan Plug

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Fellow CRV Friends, I took my CRV in to the Honda dealership that I use to have the oil changed today. I have had them change my oil for the last 2 years. The service director came over to me and told me they had stripped out the threads and that I could either get a new oil pan (cost...
  15. 98 Oil Pan Gasket Replacement - Can It Be Done Without Removing Engine??

    Maintenance and Service
    My 98 has a leaky oil pan gasket and I'm wondering if someone on here can tell me if I can replace it without removing the engine? I bought a shop manual on eBay for $40 and it's been worth every penny as I've replaced the timing belt, water pump, all cv boots have been replaced, front outer cv...
  16. 2015 CRV Floor pan vibrations on small bumps

    Problems & Issues
    Hey Guys, I am new and did not see anything about this yet. The suspension seems to work pretty well on the heavy stuff, but when the road has slight imperfections its as if the shocks (or struts) are to stiff to mellow out anything and it gets sent right into my feet and seat. is this normal...
  17. Changing oil pan gasket

    Problems & Issues
    Is this a hard job to do? My crv was up on a lift today and there was oil seeping out of the gasket. The mechanic quoted me 200.00 to do the job was wondering if that sounds fair? Thanks
  18. 2004 honda crv oil pan gasket

    Problems & Issues
    I am trying to replace the oil pan gasket on my 2004 crv. I have all the bolts out and the pan free just cant get the pan out. Any tips would be excellent thanks
  19. Changing ATF filter inside pan?

    Maintenance and Service
    Just curious to know if anyone ever bothers changing out their atf filters inside the trans pan? my car is coming up on 60k miles and ive changed the atf itself a few times now but was curious about changing the filter inside the pan. let me know what you think thanks
  20. Navigation system pan button no longer works

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2007 CR-V with factory nav system installed. It's been working well, but the pan button is failing. This is button in the top right corner than you can use to pan the map in 4 compass direction (up, down, left, right). The directions don't all fail at once: at first it's only down, and...