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  1. Bluetooth Audio Only Passes when on a call (Android)

    Problems & Issues
    I've seen this issue before on other vehicles but not with my current phone, but never figured it out before. Any ideas? Music and navigation don't work when I'm connected to the BT source, but phone nav works when I'm on a BT call. Also, the number of "bars" on the cell phone aren't being...
  2. Neglected ten year old CRV passes muster.

    Hi, Just thought I'd post this pic of what a few, (OK a lot!) of hours can do for a very tired, unloved V. We bought this to replace our 16 year old Saab 900S and knew that it was going to take some time to get right. The previous owner lived on an unpaved road (mistake one) and I had to fill...
  3. Win Free Passes to SEMA: 800 Available

    Media News & Reviews
    The eagerly anticipated 2011 SEMA Show is being held from November 1-4, and the show is offering free passes to this year's show to the first 800 enthusiasts who fill in and submit an online after market survey. SEMA will host a limited number of automotive enthusiast VIPs on Thursday November...