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  1. off the beaten path !

    Off The Beaten Path
    Found these videos and thought I should post these. I liked this one ...our aussie mates are lucky in getting the diesel and I think it night be better off road with more low end torque. Does quiet well off road and the biggest problem is really the ground clearance and not the awd system ...
  2. vtc actuator, possible non-mechanical solution, empirical path

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    We drive close to 20 late model CRV EXL cars within family. Not for business, just large family. All 2012 and up. Have discovered that the VTC, timing chain, oil passages, very sensitive to proper oil level, oil filter, oil purity, micron size contaminants. Was able to eliminate startup...
  3. This is off the beaten path alright.

    Off The Beaten Path DAT AWD THO!!!
  4. Path for power cable to battery

    Problems & Issues
    I just bought a CRV SE today. Hadnt planned on it but the dealer made me a heck of a deal. I carry some two way radio gear that I would like to install in the new vehicle. Can someone give me an idea of the path from the battery through the firewall to inside the car (maybe pictures if...