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  1. P0685 / ECM relay and fuse help

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi Everyone Happy to finally be a member of this board. I have a 2005 CRV SE @ 163,000 miles. Automatic. The past month or two or so I've noticed the crv jerking while changing gears. This was especially noticeable when de-accelerating to exit the highway and also during city driving...
  2. How to get PCM code?

    Just installed the remote engine start myself and ready to program, but how do I get a PCM code? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 2007 - ECM PCM Firmware Updates? Any Honda Mechanics Out There

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    How can I find out of there have been firmware updates for the ECM PCM? I understand this firmware controls the A/C compressor shut down during acceleration, which varies between 4-19 seconds (which sucks).
  4. Replaced alternator and it is still not charging

    Problems & Issues
    My friend's CRV had the battery light come on and the car died before he made it home. I put an alternator in it and noticed that it was only charging around 13volts. I did some research and read about the electronic load detection. I couldn't ever get it to charge higher that 13 volts even if I...
  5. PCM Idle Learn Proceedure?

    Maintenance and Service
    Who would have thought? Me neither until I read the procedure to replace the air filter. The 2007-2011 Service Manual. Volume 1, page 11-284, step 5., third bullet says: "If you replace the air cleaner element, reset the PCM with the HDS, and do the PCM idle learn procedure (see page...
  6. PCM circuit

    Problems & Issues
    I drive a 97 crv and i have this dtc on my scanner; p1607 talking about my pcm, anybody with a workaround?:eek: