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  1. P0685 / ECM relay and fuse help

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi Everyone Happy to finally be a member of this board. I have a 2005 CRV SE @ 163,000 miles. Automatic. The past month or two or so I've noticed the crv jerking while changing gears. This was especially noticeable when de-accelerating to exit the highway and also during city driving...
  2. How to get PCM code?

    DIY Center Discussion
    Just installed the remote engine start myself and ready to program, but how do I get a PCM code? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 2007 - ECM PCM Firmware Updates? Any Honda Mechanics Out There

    Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    How can I find out of there have been firmware updates for the ECM PCM? I understand this firmware controls the A/C compressor shut down during acceleration, which varies between 4-19 seconds (which sucks).
  4. Replaced alternator and it is still not charging

    Problems & Issues
    My friend's CRV had the battery light come on and the car died before he made it home. I put an alternator in it and noticed that it was only charging around 13volts. I did some research and read about the electronic load detection. I couldn't ever get it to charge higher that 13 volts even if I...
  5. PCM Idle Learn Proceedure?

    Maintenance and Service
    Who would have thought? Me neither until I read the procedure to replace the air filter. The 2007-2011 Service Manual. Volume 1, page 11-284, step 5., third bullet says: "If you replace the air cleaner element, reset the PCM with the HDS, and do the PCM idle learn procedure (see page...
  6. PCM circuit

    Problems & Issues
    I drive a 97 crv and i have this dtc on my scanner; p1607 talking about my pcm, anybody with a workaround?:eek: