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  1. 2006 CRV losing oil

    Problems & Issues
    I recently purchased a 2006 Honda CRV used from a dealership with only 115,000 miles. When I inspected it on their lot everything looked great. I personally am mechanically competent and do everything I can myself. However, this car uses/burns/loses about 1.5 quarts a week. I drive this daily...
  2. ID PCV system parts.

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello All, My question is if I have the PCV hose properly identified? If so then Honda has made a GREAT vapor trap for the PCV or my PCV is bad, because there is ZERO evidence of oil in this hose. I’m an engineer by training and temperament, I gotta know how stuff works and I’m am super...
  3. PCV system on the 1.5 l turbo

    Performance Modifications
    How does the stock PCV system flow considering that the manifold is pressurized?
  4. 08 PCV change

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Change the PCV valve this weekend on our 08 CRV. We have around 156K and was experiencing some oil consumption in so it was on the list to change. The process to remove it was easy. Remove the front plastic shield to expose the tube that runs from the intake manifold over to the PCV valve...
  5. 2000 CRV mileage (PCV, wires, ?)

    Problems & Issues
    Yes, I know there maybe other posts, but I can't find them. but yes, wanting to get more mileage out of my 2000 CRV. (161K miles) Right now, many short city driving, not a ton of freeway. but only am getting on average 16mpg. best was 22mpg, that was on a trip. I have only had it for 2...
  6. DIY: 2011 CR-V PCV Valve Replacement With Pictures

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi guys, While I was attempting to change my pcv valve today, I said why not take some pictures. This should work for all 3rd generation CR-V models: Tools needed: 17mm deep socket Needle nose pliers Torque wrench Instructions: The pcv valve is located by the alternator. It has a small...
  7. 2003 CRV - when to change pcv valve

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, When should the pcv valve be changed? Does anyone know where it's located? Can't locate it, think it's buried under everything.
  8. EGR or PCV?

    Performance Modifications
    I have a 2003 CRV, Does anyone know what the 3/4" vacuum line is that connects from the valve cover to the airbox is? The nipple that is part of the upper airbox has been broken since i bought the car. I've tried epoxy to weld it back together, but it always ends up breaking. I would just...
  9. 2002 PCV valve location

    Problems & Issues
    Bought a used Ex.Where did they hide the pcv valve? Pic? Tks
  10. Car smoking cleaned pcv, now better.

    Problems & Issues
    My 98 crv has started smoking on heavy to moderate acceleration. Its not coolant, because its not creamy white. looks like oil. So I took the pcv valve out and shaked it. It only rattled a little if I shaked it hard. So I cleaned it with carbureator cleaner and petrol. Then it rattled nicely and...
  11. 2005 CRV PCV valve

    Maintenance and Service
    Where is it?
  12. 2005 PCV valve

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    I am trying to find the PCV valve on my 2005 CRV EX? Any help
  13. removing pcv?

    Maintenance and Service
    Good morning, While changing the air filter on my '06 I noticed a film of oil inside the tube that attaches to the filter holder. The filter also has always had a dry black spot where it faces the tube. I change the filters every 10-15k, and the pot has always been there, but I don't remember...
  14. PCV leak at air cleaner

    Problems & Issues
    Wife uses our 03 LX (80,000 miles) for her daily commuter. She had recently noticed while it starts ok the engine sounds 'reluctant'. Also, it seems down on power when driving. We just had the Air Control Valve replaced 2 months ago, when the car would not idle at all, and would just stall. This...
  15. 2005 CRV - PCV change and life?

    Maintenance and Service
    The manual diagram has it low on the block. Best way to get at it to change - looks like it can be accessed from the top. What is normal life of the PCV valve? It doesn't have a replacement mileage in the manual. Anyone have to replace theirs?
  16. 3rd Gen PCV Service

    Maintenance and Service
    Ive noticed that the owners manual makes no mention if the MM gives a code for PCV service. So when are you supposed to replace it?
  17. Changing my PCV valve in my '06 CR-V

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi! I hope someone can help, I have done all the research I possibly can and have yet to find a simple way around this. I want to change my PCV valve, and can't find it? Typically, they are either on the top or the bottom, where the heck is it in my '06 CR-V? Having had a dealer deal with my...
  18. PCV valve on 2006 auto

    Maintenance and Service
    is the pcv valve a reg maint item to be done at 30000 miles? the valve is in a very tight spot the clamp on the hose on the valve is facing down any suggestions would very helpful thanks sgt.