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  1. CARiD Gift Cards - Perfect Present for the Ones, You Love!
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  2. '05 CR-V EX with 220k miles, but perfect condition and Thule Rack for $5600. Yes/No?

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    This car is perfect except for the high miles. I test drove it today and it drove fine. I have seen others for lowers mile and lower price, but there's always something wrong with them. I'm located in SE TN. Am I paying too much?
  3. The perfect family SUV??

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    My girlfriend and I are on our way to having our first (probably only) child. I currently drive a 2008 civic EX, which got us from Illinois to California like it had been training for such a trip it's whole life. But quite frankly, we're gonna need more space. This is the second Honda I've...
  4. OEM 2008 Aloys and tires in perfect condition

    Trading Post
    Contact: rfdorman3 at gmail . com This is a good deal, read on! - Like new Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires ($600 total, <6k miles and we got 70k out of the last set and they still where not down to the wear bars!) 225/65-17. Goodyear on North High. - Fully serviced TPMS - Life time...
  5. Cashout your perfect money

    Honda Part World
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  6. A perfect circle crack on passenger tail light.

    Hi guys, For some reason, I've managed to obtain a crack on the lowest portion of the passenger tail light. The crack is in the form of a circle, just a blank hole, and as a result, condensation has started building up in it. I was wondering, what can I use to fill up the hole, and will this...
  7. Perfect gen1

    Image & Video Gallery
    IMO white looks [watch your laungage! - chris] awesome on gen1 and gen3... this dude is making me jealous, he has EVERYTHING how i want my V to look. although i fall short on not having white, i have SSM. i still love my V. Honda's SSM is my favorite color (same as my vic), and i think the...
  8. FS: Wheels, stock 2007 LX, perfect.

    Trading Post
    I just bought some new wheelz, so don't need these: No tires, no TPMS sensors, 4x wheels with locking lugs, asking $300 plus shipping, or better if local pickup or coordination. From my 2007, only 7000 miles on the vehicle, these are still perfect: thanx, Eric
  9. 2007 CRV - The Perfect Subwoofer

    Mobile Electronics
    Blaupunkt THB200A 8" 70W Amplified Compact Subwoofer It won't fit under the front seats. G
  10. New Pioneer Stereo for 2008 that is perfect for the CRV

    Mobile Electronics
    Check out Pioneer's new double-din offering they just released at CES. When this is available, I'm going to go for it for our 07 CRV. I think it gives the perfect blend of bluetooth, iPod control and...