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  1. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    I know a lot of people are not all that thrilled with the picture from the rear view camera and I agree that it is not as sharp as I would have liked it to be. I have adjusted mine to get the best picture and found that the factory default settings were not optimal. You can follow these steps...
  2. Accessories
    Hey Guys, I'm looking to install some side markers on my V and wondering what the oem one is? I have been looking everywhere and haven't found anything so was wondering if anyone has any pictures of which is the correct one for our V's. I know i can use any side marker, cut the fender and wire...
  3. Image & Video Gallery
    Here is a picture taken by ours salesperson Sue of Bommarito Honda St. Louis just after our purchase on January 3, 2015. Excellent vehicle and dealership! Now at 7,655 miles and 9 1/2 months the CR-V is a joy to drive as it was on day one. Comfortable, Quiet, smooth Engine and Transmission...
  4. Website & Platform Help
    How can I set the bubble next to my name to have a profile picture? I've seen a couple different people have them so I'm curious
  5. Website & Platform Help
    This forum is awesome! Just curious why y'all haven't changed the picture at the top of the page to the new style CRV? It's been out for a couple years now.
  6. Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, I am new and hope you can answer a question for me. We paired up our phones to our brand new 2013 CR-V (woot!) and it works perfectly (well, almost). The guy at the dealership that has a fancy title and gets people acquainted with their new interior electronics says that the caller's...
  7. Dear Honda:
    I have Navigation so the backup picture appears on the large nav screen. However, it is very hard to see in the sunshine. It would be nice if one could switch the picture to the small screen which is set back and protected from the sun.
  8. Website & Platform Help
    Folks..the 2012's have been out for 4 months..wouldn't it be nice to change the picture from the green 2011 CRV to a picture of a 2012? Thanks.
  9. Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Please show me a picture.
  10. Greetings & Introductions
    I tried to include a 100 by 100 bit jpeg file in my profile and I could not. An error message came up. The file was under 64k bytes. How do I do it? -Rg
  11. Image & Video Gallery
    looks alittle different now, but you can see a slight lift, and that side pipe is gone, i got i dualed out the back with chrome tips
  12. Shopping & Test Driving
    Yes, very surprising, when I spied it. It had a Mugen style kit, and supposedly modified suspension and (get this) a updated and tuned engine like from the Civic Si, and cranked out the same 197HP, but with an upgraded differential. I didn't get to hear about the improved acceleration as I was...
  13. Performance Modifications
    Weird request I know, but can anyone get me a clear picture of the upper radiator hose on any 07-08 CRV? I need to see how its routed. I tried searching google and here but can't get a clear picture. TIA!
  14. Mobile Electronics
    My JDM CRV came with a japanese radio which does not get the same frequencies as North-American/Caribbean. I picked up a Sony CD/Radio while in Canada recently and installed it along with a dash adapter kit. IMO it looks pretty good. I was worried about how it would look but I am quite...
1-14 of 18 Results