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  1. Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Not sure if y'all are familiar with, but if not here's a quick demo: and from their own wiki the 5th generations are supported Anybody here have this already set up? Edit: drats, I do see the other thread 'openpilot self driving...
  2. Other Cars, Trucks & Bikes
    I have a 2017 CR-V Touring. Fine car. No complaints. Would gladly buy again. But - soon after I bought it I noticed that the auto high beam thing wasn't working. Here on this forum I did the recommended fix (removed ***fuse(?)), left it out for some minutes, and all worked fine after that...
  3. Other Cars, Trucks & Bikes I wonder if the 2019 CR-V will follow soon.
  4. Shopping & Test Driving
    Good morning, I'm currently driving a 2006 Pilot and am looking to switch to a CRV. Was originally going to trade to a newer Pilot as I like the car, but they look more like minivans now and I don't necessarily need something that big. I was thinking either a 2014 or 2015 and it seems based on...
  5. Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I am contemplating.
  6. Media News & Reviews
    Read more about the Honda Pilot Gets Minor Price Increase for 2018 Model Year at
  7. Media News & Reviews
    Read more about the Honda Pilot Gets Minor Price Increase for 2018 Model Year at
  8. Media News & Reviews
    Read more about the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas vs 2017 Honda Pilot Comparison Test at
  9. Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V Interestingly, this would be a 2-row version of the Pilot rather than the 3-row version of the CR-V that appears in other parts of the world and that some people were speculating could come to the US at some point. Nice article...
  10. Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    Anyone ran these on their CRV? Thinking about picking up a set when it's time to get tires. Have pics? How was the fitment?
  11. Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    From the information I was able to find it seems most of the rims have same bolt pattern but some different offsets. I saw a list some where but can't find it now with all the models and details. My son's new to him, handed down from father-in-law 2004 CRV LX has factory 15" alloy with...
  12. Greetings & Introductions
    I traded my 07 Pilot EX yesterday for a 2015 CRV EXL. The Pilot was up there - 200k Miles/322k KMs. It also started leaking oil from somewhere, was throwing a check engine code that said i needed a new Cat and my mechanic said it needed a new Head as cylinder #2 had a bad valve spring and was...
  13. Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi all. I own an aging 2006 Pilot. I had never considered buying a CR-V before -- until I saw pictures of the new 2017 CR-V. Wow. Very impressive! So I compared the 2017 CR-V to my Pilot, looking at all technical specs line item by line item, to see if it might work for our family. Guess...
  14. Greetings & Introductions
    Have a 2005 Honda Pilot. Long time member of (used to be At 248,000 and a catalytic light on and other things, it is time to change. Probably going CR-V EX (Pilot was EL-L) but am concerned about vibration issues I keep reading about. Live in Rocky Mount NC.
  15. Media News & Reviews
    Read more about the 2016 Ford Explorer vs 2016 Honda Pilot at
  16. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello from NY! Registering for this forum, I had to check a box and chose 2013 CR-V, but we don't have it, so soon! I have a 2003 Pilot with 280,000 miles and one head-on accident with an elk (2007) on it. The transmission is finally slipping, and the kids are grown, so we are...
  17. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I have owned 3 crv s,05,10,13.I am thinking of getting a Pilot for the extra passenger seats and cargo space.I should be able to get a good deal on a 2015 Pilot because they will want to make room for the new models in 2016.After reading complaints on four different forums i have many doubts...
  18. Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Will 2007 pilot 16" wheels fit in place of 2014 crv steel 16 wheels? Thank you, Jim.
  19. Greetings & Introductions
    Hey guys, Just a quick note to say hi and introduce myself. I'm a former Pilot owner and now am the proud owner of a 2014 EX-L AWD CR-V. Looking forward to learning more about my new vehicle. MG
  20. Image & Video Gallery
    My 2007 Taffeta White CR-V EX-L build thread Got our CR-V 3 weeks ago, trading in our 2006 Honda Pilot EX. We loved the pilot, but it was bigger than we really needed and not very fuel efficient around town, which is 90% of our driving. Here's the first pic I took of our V: Mods I've...