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  1. Pinstripe Color for Mountain Air?

    I'm not sold on the whole pinstriping thing (going to wait and see what my parents' new pilot looks like with it since that's pretty much a giant version of the CRV lol), but does anyone have any ideas on what color would look good on the Mountain Air color? I was thinking gold because of the...
  2. Pinstripe Color

    I am picking up my new CRV EX-L on Tuesday. My husband saw a blue one at the dealership with a painted pinstripe on it. He wants to get a pinstripe, and I'm fine with that. But what color? We're getting a silver CRV with gray interior.
  3. custom Pinstripe

    any of you guys ever get any custom pinstriping done on your CR-V? Any reccomendations? I am in central NJ.. Thanks Jason