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  1. CR-V Hybrid (Now Closed/Archived)
    Decided to blackout my 2020 CRV Hybrid Touring with plastidip. Here are the before and after pics. I'm pretty happy with the results. :) Before : After: Front: Back: ^ I've since done the bottom bit of chrome as well.
  2. 4th Gen, Stock

    Plastidip over OEM steelies: Graphite Metalizer over black plastidip Vinyl wrapped window trims: Gloss Black Vinyl wrapped B pillars: Gloss Black Vinyl wrapped grill chrome: Gloss Black Tints: 5% windshield strip, 70% ceramic front, 20% rear windows, 5% C pillar window, 20% rear windshield LED...
  3. Greetings & Introductions
    Hey everyone, I've been a frequest visitor of the site and finally decided to sign up. I'm the proud owner of a 2012 CRV LX AWD. I haven't done much to it, aside from installing LEDs in the tail lights and I guess having too much fun with plastidip lol. I'm excited to join the community.
  4. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I thought this merited a new thread with progressive pics and a YouTube DIY video (not mine). Pretty straight forward job. The youtube video covers all the basics better than I can. It turned out pretty well considering it was my first emblem dip attempt. I nicked one of the letters while...
  5. Performance Modifications
    The reason I posted this here, is primarily because I plastidip'd the spark plug cover on my engine swap, it came out pretty good! And I'm also throwing in what else we got into =P This cover was all nasty, pitted and greyed out. I should have taken before pictures, but here is the after =) I...
1-5 of 9 Results