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  1. 2017 CR-V : USB flash drive does not remember last song played when car started

    Mobile Electronics
    I've seen variants on this problem posted for older cars, but I have a new 2017 CR-V that is manifesting the same behavior: I insert a (4Gb, FAT32 formatted) flash drive into the 2nd USB slot in the middle console (i.e. the USB slot that is not used for Android Auto, which I am using with my...
  2. Does you multimedia/navigation unit remembers the Mp3 that was being played?

    Mobile Electronics
    I just installed a Navigation/Multimedia unit bought in ebay, from China supplier. Units quality seems very good, with Sirfa Prima CPU and 128MB RAM. It installs perfectly in the CRV, but there is something about it that is really annoying me: If you are using the music player to listen to...