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please help

  1. Will not crank...unless...

    Problems & Issues
    Ok everyone. Really need your help with this one. I am fairly mechanically incline and this one has me very confused. Just purchased a 2003 honda cr v automatix. 2.4 liter. was running fine for the first couple days. After about the 4th day, when turning the key, the starter does not activate...
  2. ka-clunk, crap it did again

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 1999 automatic transmission awd. The vechile excelerates fine and goes fine over 30mph alwaySometimes, not always it will make the pretty loud ka-clunk when I slow down then hit the gas again like going around corners or slowing down and taking off in traffic. It NEVER makes this noise...
  3. burnt clutch smeel "please help"

    Problems & Issues
    have burnt clutch smeel in auto trans oil has been there since i got it but never took much notice as service did not show any problems. and the other day it made skeaching noise going up hill did not seam overly steep but did not sound good. 2004 crv auto 80,000km