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  1. Oil Flash Point now 215 Degrees Fuel to Oil Ratio 2017 CR-V

    Problems & Issues
    I have had Blackstone Laboratories perform two comprehensive tests on my 2017 CRV oil and the results are very disturbing. The flash point of my oil is now 215 degrees, which is within the operating temperature range of the engine. This engine has 9,400 miles on it and the tests were done at...
  2. Final Assembly Point?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I have a 2017 Touring 2 Wheel Drive, and a problem..... I noticed something sticking out of the bottom of my car yesterday, and upon closer inspection, found that the metal shield that has to be removed before an oil change was busted. Don't know how it got that way, but the 2 center bolts...
  3. Secondary hard point for floor jack lift, 2014 CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    I want to purchase a floor jack to raise the car for general maintenance. Have been using the tire jack for too long and want to move on from that for safety sake. However, the jack points are too narrow to accommodate both a floor jack and a jack stand at the same time. Where else in front can...
  4. EPS Light Goes On and Off for a Few Seconds Without Its Exclamation Point

    Problems & Issues
    The electric power steering warning light on my 2016 Touring has recently started appearing for short periods, usually for only a few seconds along with 4 beeps. When it appears, it only shows the steering wheel and hands part of the graphic, NOT the exclamation point. Also, it's only on for a...
  5. What is the point of HondaLink?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    We generally use Android Auto when in our CRV and I kind of remember being asked the first time I hooked it up if I wanted some sort of emergency notification in case of an accident, to which I replied yes. Is that a function of HondaLink? Whether or not the emergency notification is part of...
  6. Having trouble locating the service point for timing.

    1996-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1)
    Okay, I'm trying to set the timing on my 97, since it's running a bit rich. However, I cannot seem to locate the little point I'm supposed to jump with a paperclip. Would one of you fine people be so kind as to post a picture of it's location? I ask only because it's incredibly frustrating...
  7. Having trouble locating the service point for timing.

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    Okay, I'm trying to set the timing on my 97, since it's running a bit rich. However, I cannot seem to locate the little point I'm supposed to jump with a paperclip. Would one of you fine people be so kind as to post a picture of it's location? I ask only because it's incredibly frustrating...
  8. How to disable point by point Navi voice?

    Mobile Electronics
    2016 CR-V Touring CVT. I can't find it anywhere. There are times when I don't need or want to hear the Navi voice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 2013 Rear Jack Point?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi all, I was able to change my rear differential fluid without having up the CRV, also did my transmission fluid. I know there's a jack area on the front, but what about the rear? I currently have a trailer hitch that covers the rear hook so that's kind of off limits. Is there an area near...
  10. Honda Link - what's the point of a passenger seat?

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2015 CR-V and, aside from the vibration at idle, I like it. That said, I wonder why Honda bothered with a passenger seat in the front at all. If the passenger wants to take their mind off their whole body massage and their teeth being shaken loose, they may wish to try playing with...
  11. Google links -What's the point?

    Community Help
    What's the point of those Google Ad links at the top of the page? They never link to what it says. Click on Honda parts and it goes to we buy any
  12. Noisy rockers at startup, any point in additives/oil treatment?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I've got a 2001 CRV. Bought it about 4 months ago. When I got it it was stalling at idle and the cel came on. I tuned it up, plugs ,wires, cap and rotor. Cleaned the iac valve and adjusted the valves. Idle smoothed out and my CEL never came back on. I have since also replaced the timing belt...
  13. Roof-Rack Starting Point

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Hey all! I'm posting for a friend that is not too car savvy and asked me about a roof rack. I perused this forum but would still like some advice. What brands are best/what brands to stay away from. Used/new options. Thanks, Mark PS: It is for kayaks. PPS: He didn't know the trim level...
  14. 150 Point checklist for 2012 CRV EXL w/ Navi Polished Metal

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I need some assistance. Been shopping for a used 2012 and low mileage. I asked the Honda dealer to send me a 150 Point checklist to verify the condition and certification of the vehicle going up for sale. But some squares were not checked off. When I asked them why this is the case...their...
  15. looking for a 4 point rack connection option

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Rather than only two roof bars accross, I'm looking to have 4 points of connection on my 2010 CRV. Think of the old style siderails (or the current Odyssey), with additional cross bars perpendicular to the side rails. Is such a system available for the 2010 CRV? Afetrmarket is fine. Any help...
  16. Time to point my prayer mat towards Japan

    Problems & Issues
    As my knees are no longer supple and springy - I need a mat for them - especially when grrrovelling under the steering column looking at the fuses - the so called "experts" have removed one fuse entirely ??? which I have now replaced. Problem : rear tail and licence bulbs not working while...
  17. Red exclamation point in a circle indicator

    Maintenance and Service
    Can anyone tell me what the dashboard indicator light that has a red exclamation point inside a circle with parentheses on either side means? It is a Japanese model right-hand drive 2004 CRV.
  18. 2009 Cr-V Floor Jack and Jackstand Placement

    Maintenance and Service
    Where to place floorjack for lifting vehicle and placing jackstands?Is this info available in owners manual (I know it states where to place the vehicle jack to change tire)?
  19. any grease point to do grease as routine maintenance ???

    Maintenance and Service
    hi experts, in general honda CRV -2005 auto, AWD , 2.4L , north american(canada) has any grease or lubrication point underneth which has to be lubricate under regular maintenance ???? the V any no problem at all !!! just pre-winter preparation only !!! help appriciated.... thanks in advance
  20. Jacking point for a floor jack

    Maintenance and Service
    New to this forum, So, Hello everyone! Question, does anyone know for sure where the proper jacking point is for a hydraulic floor jack on a 2003 CR-V EX model? I've been working on cars all my life, mostly larger cars and trucks. Gas prices have brought me back to smaller cars (love Honda's!)...