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  1. Recovery points on 2018 crv

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Where are the recovery points (front and rear) on my 2018 CR-V? I can’t see them on the car nor can I find information about them in the owner’s manual. Thanks.
  2. Jack or lift points on cars with running boards

    2002-2004 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 2)
    I have tried search but does anyone know or have pics of the jack stand points used for the car to rest on if you car has running boards. The original points are now covered by running boards so Id imagine you have to use the frame rails but is there a specific spot? Our oem frame rails appear...
  3. 2008 crv trans shift points

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    All, Another question I've been searching but can't find and answer. My girlfriend's '08 crv shifts into second overdrive too soon (two overdrives annoys me in the first place, but that's what honda did). Is there a way to change the shift points? We live in mountain country, and the trans...
  4. 2009 (3rd gen) CR-V: Common front suspension failure points?

    Problems & Issues
    I have some odd ticks or light clunks coming from the front, especially when I go into reverse. It is faint, but I slightly feel them in the steering wheel when going in reverse, or reverse into drive. Looking at about 107,000 miles. I know to check everything once I get it up on stands...
  5. Jack Lift Points

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    There's a Jack lift point on the front and rear of the car. And one by each wheel. When lifting the car in the front to put jack stands, how can I lift the car without scratching the front center mount point and therefore potentially generating rust? Normally, for added safety I put chokers...
  6. Bad news for DIY-ers... jack points are awful.

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Our cars have a nice, sleek, underside. The consequence? All the places seasoned DIY-ers might have jacked up the car, like subframe bolts or control arm bushings are all covered up. Previous CR-V's had nice reinforced plates at the front and rear of the vehicle. Ours? Not so much. My...
  7. 2000 CR-V Nerf Bars Reserved Mounting Points ???

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    I bought mine w/o the bar and now I just bought one locally but when I looked under the car ...the reserved mounting points no where to be seen ? Are they hidden somewhere under the black panel board ? Can someone shed some light on it ? I am talking about the running boards / Nerf Bar . Thanks !!!
  8. Jack Points

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    Anyone have photos or a diagram of floor jack points? I'm aware of the front pad, rear pass, and side pinch welds. But I'm looking for photos of safe spots like the frame, knuckles, etc. Anyone got a picture since it's worth a thousand words?
  9. Gen-4 Floor Jack Points (with pictures)

    Maintenance and Service
    The 2013 owners manual shows the side rail jack points for the included scissor jack, and where you would place jack stands when using a floor jack. But it never defines the safe/approved jack points for actually lifting the front or rear with a floor jack. I downloaded a few pages from the...
  10. Debate about 12 points tool

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello everyone, Can anyone support my theory about the 12 points vs 6 points ratchets and socket tools??? Before when i did not much about tools i just bought tools without knowing differences betwen 12 vs 6 points later i found out that using 6 points is better specially for honda, toyotas...
  11. Floor jack lift points for 2014 CR-V - Where are they, please?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi guys, I'm wanting to lift the front and rear of my 2014 CR-V to do some maintenance on it. I want to lift the front of the car up so I can slide some pieces of 2x10s under them to give it a little clearance underneath for some maintenance. the same for the rear. I've asked several dealers...
  12. Safe jack points for 2015 CR-V

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello everyone. I did a search but I can't really find a definitive answer. I have a 2015 CR-V but I think the jack points would be the same as a 2014. Anyway the top of the scissors jack that came with the vehicle is relatively flat but the manual says to place it under a 3 inch wide x 1 inch...
  13. 2014 Rail Mounting Points

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Hi I just bought a 2014 CRV-EX-L with the Factory Roof Rails and need to install a Thule Podium Foot Pack 460 and Fit Kit KIT3118 to use my roof box, kayak and bike racks. Have not taken delivery of the CRV yet. Can anyone tell me if there are a variety of mounting points along the rails or...
  14. Jacking Points when using jack stands

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I'm about to do a complete brake job on my G3 CRV. I'm going to rotate the tires and flush the brake fluid at the same time so I want to pull all of the wheels off at once. Obviously I can jack the car up at the designated spots but since I plan on lowering onto jack stands, this method...
  15. Best points to place axle stands?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey folks. Sorry for the neophyte question but I haven't had my CRV on axle stands yet. I plan to put it up on four stands and want it to be stable when I'm crawling underneath. Any advice on the best places to put the stands, both front and back? I will be using a floor jack and then...
  16. Rear ISOFIX Points

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2010 CRV which seems to have a design fault with the rear isofix fitting. My problem is that my CRV only seems to be able to accommodate 1 front facing isofix seat. The rear passenger seat behind the driver seat works fine, everything clips in perfectly with the ISOFOX and seatbelt...
  17. 2009 Cr-V Floor Jack and Jackstand Placement

    Maintenance and Service
    Where to place floorjack for lifting vehicle and placing jackstands?Is this info available in owners manual (I know it states where to place the vehicle jack to change tire)?
  18. Recovery points for towing/snatching

    Hi folks, I'm planning on doing some light off roading in my 2006 CRV. I'll being doing some trails and maybe some sand. I know the CRV isn't a serious 4wd and I will drive within its limitations. I'll be fitting some larger diameter tyres to increase ground clearance by 20mm. In the event that...
  19. 2007 latch points for infant seat

    On 2007 there are 5 latch points in the back. In order to install the infant seat at the center, the manual says to use the center one and the inboard right hand side one. The only problem with this is it makes the right back seat very narrow and the infant seat is not centered. Any one skip the...
  20. Lifting Points

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    What are the proper lifting point on my 2004 CR-V and where should I place the jack stands for changing my oil?:confused: