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  1. Project gen 2.5 Port and Polish intake runners. Make your own Bolt on :0

    Performance Modifications
    Here is the test subject with measurements. Planning to port and polish since there is not a lot of aftermarket support. So I made my own. I have experience doing i4/v6 accord runners so these should be fairly easy. Only thing that is annoying is pulling off the injectors and making sure that...
  2. The 2010 polish metal from malaysia

    Image & Video Gallery
    hi.. sorry guys..these pic taken from my poor hp.. 2010 polish metal hope u enjoy future upgrade: 19inch alloy wheel.. with my wife 2009 civic
  3. Polish & Wax recommendations

    For quite a while now, I've recommended using Zaino Brothers car polish as it's been great to use. But, since it also requires ordering it and having it shipped, it seems it has slowed me down in getting that first full clay, scrub, wash, polish done this year. So, while I'm not converting just...