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  1. My 1st gen audio setup - Sundown Audio, Boston Acoustics, Polk, Sony

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys! Took some pics of my 1st gen's interior and audio setup yesterday, figured I'd show her off here. This system has been coming together slowly since I bought the car almost a year ago. Beside the head unit (bought new for $79) and the front Polk speakers (from girlfriend's last car -...
  2. CRV Gen 4 Polk db651s

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi folks - new here. I just ordered db6501 for the front but not sure on the back. I'm looking into either db651 but I'm afraid there's not enough clearance (the tweeters seem to stick out further than db651s). Any of you have experience with Polk db or dxi series? Should I just go with...
  3. Focal k2 or Polk Components?

    Mobile Electronics
    I currently have 2 options 1 is for a pair of the Polk DB 6501 and option 2 (the one i'm leaning towards) Focal K2 Power 165 KLE 2-way component speakers. I can get the the Polks for less then $80 shipped The Focal setup is in the $180 to 200 range. Which is cheap as they are limited and...
  4. Polk DB651s speakers

    Mobile Electronics
    Would like to upgrade from factory speakers.:) Have Polk speakers in home. Thought to purchase car speakers from Cr*****ds. When talking to service advisor who told me that DB651s 6.5" speakers would not fit as magnet diameter is too big for space in door [3.75" magnet vs 3.00" door...