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  1. Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Hello all, The infotainment screen power button (top left, labeled I/O) has fallen off in my CR-V and disappeared. Specifically, the very top-most button. (Apologies for the fuzzy picture!) We've turned the car inside-out and looked everywhere but it's just not turning up. Besides having to...
  2. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello, I replaced the power steering pump on my 97 CRV. With the new pump in, it now feels like I have manual steering. The power steering just disappeared ! Can't figure out what's going on. Everything is hooked up properly. The lost fluid was replaced and topped off. Belt and pulley are...
  3. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    This post is just a clarification and expansion of Gravy’s post back in 2010 regarding converting a switched 12v accessory power outlet to constant hot on the 2017 Honda CR-V. (24-do-yourself-mods/10281-accessory-power-socket-always) I finally found the relay that needs to be jumped in the 2017...
  4. Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    I feel like a real newbie even asking this. In the old days ( I'm 60) There was no question. Trani Fluid or Power steering fluid went in the reservoir.TODAY with all the proprietary crap these cars have, I'm not sure whether it's a gimick or to really abide by it. So the power steering cap...
  5. Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    So I recently bought a 12v vacuum for use in the car. Something small I can store in the car to clean up occassional messes. The instructions say that for better power to the vacuum to start the engine (as opposed to just turning on the car to accessory mode). So my question is, what is it...
  6. Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    I have a 2003 Honda CR-V EX that had a bad door lock actuator on the drivers side front door. Last weekend I replaced the actuator and the locks worked with the remote for half a day. Sunday morning I tried to unlock the doors and nothing. I uninstalled/reinstalled the actuator, unhooked and...
  7. Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi Received the following recall notice for my 2019 crv from Honda Canada. Did anyone receive something similar?
  8. Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I have a CR-V EX. I would like to know if there is a way to convert my tailgate to a power tailgate.
  9. Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    My power tailgate does not stop when lift button or keyless is pressed. The gate just reverses. I see that the 2017 and later can be programed to stop at any height by pressing a button. Was this not available in 2016? I wanted to place a longer item in the back and bring the gate down to it...
  10. Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    Hello Fellow CRV Friends, I went to a local Honda dealership yesterday to get my power steering fluid changed out. I have 122,000 miles on my 2007 CRV and it has not ever been changed. The manager in charge of the service area suggested that I just leave it alone because Honda has no...
  11. Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    New Harbor Freight opened locally January 2019 so..................... Set up as a utility 4X4 for now. Back half can easily be added (4X8) later if/when needed. Easy one man up/down, stores standing up in the garage, cars still fit no problem.:)
  12. Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    The worst think I can say about my ‘01 is that it takes it’s time. I’ve never gotten a ticket in Little Red because he won’t let me go that fast. That said, short of turbos, is there an easy DIY method of getting better power? I’m not looking for huge gains and I don’t want to compromise...
  13. Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    We plan to obtain my wife's new (new to us) 2014 CRV EX-L in 1-2 weeks. During her test drive, she didn't notice if its rear hatch door is only manual or also has power lock system. U-Tubes videos keep showing a manual rear hatch door on 2014 models. My wife likes Power Lock (unlock) rear...
  14. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Moved over to maintenance
  15. Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    I've been meaning to ask this for a while now, finally remembering to ask. I hope I'm not staring right at it. Is it hidden somewhere or just a closed system? I have a 2016 CRV 2WD LX.
1-15 of 500 Results