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  1. Lifetime PowerTrain Warranty from dealership ?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I checked out the Honda website, it says : 3 yr/36,000 mi basic, 5 yr/60,000 mi powertrain. However, this dealership said that they're proud to offer : All Tax, Title, License/Registration, & Dealer doc Fees Honda’s Destination and Handling Honda’s 24 Hour Roadside Service Window Tint w/...
  2. Anyone get this code: P0171 - Powertrain System too Lean (Bank 1)

    Problems & Issues
    Anyone get that code? If you did what did you do to fix it? I have been reading online and haven't found a solid solution yet. I did a K24a JDM engine swap on my 2nd gen crv and this code popped up after about 100km. Engine runs great! No issues there, no missfires or any other symptons...
  3. 2012 CR-V powertrain sounds a little loud.

    Maintenance and Service
    My 2012 CR-V powertrain sounds a little loud. I know it's not the engine and I just had the transmission old changed at 30K. What else could it be?
  4. 2012 CR-V Powertrain

    Off The Beaten Path....
    Maybe 205, but new to me. This looks like where the best info available comes from. Honda Press Release. Lots of info here.
  5. 2012 CR-V Powertrain

    Off The Beaten Path....
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  6. 4wd powertrain service - in LA?

    Problems & Issues
    2008 4wd automatic 41k. Have some minor issues with powertrain (I think it has to do with AWD system) and plan to have a dealer check/perform repair under warranty. I am in Los Angeles temporarily. I am not quite sure whether LA dealers can do the 4wd work since 4wd is not common in LA. Should I...
  7. 2007 Honda CR-V -- Powertrain

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    The 2007 Honda CR-V provides a cutting-edge combination of performance, efficiency and low emissions with a 2.4-liter, i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine, standard 5-speed automatic transmission and available Real Time(TM) 4-wheel drive. Drive-By-Wire(TM) throttle control smoothly choreographs shift...