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  1. CARiD Gift Cards - Perfect Present for the Ones, You Love!
    Whether you're looking for an ideal gift for a birthday, holiday or any other occasion, to make your relatives, friends or sweetheart happy, search no more! CARiD Gift Card is a perfect gift for your special ones, no matter what they are into. Our 8 STREETiD stores will allow them to get...
  2. 2005 Honda CRV - Right Rear \ Passenger - No fluid present at brake caliper

    Problems & Issues
    During a visit to the tire shop, my tech informed me that the right rear rotor was rusted with surface rust, indicating that the caliper was not engaging. Upon further inspection, I noticed the guide pin was seized. So I removed, cleaned and polished the pin and applied grease and reassembled...
  3. 2012 to present H&R Lowering springs

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Just wanting to post 4th gen. Crv on H&R lowering springs finally got installed. Mine is AWD I did notice comparing with FWD their seems to be more of a even drop front and rear with my AWD front a little higher than the rear maybe this has something to do with the AWD having a rear differential...
  4. 2012 to present wiper motor/linkage Squeeking

    Problems & Issues
    My wiper motor OR linkage makes a loud squeeking that can be heard from in the vehicle. Not at all the wiper blades. Definitely the motor or linkage. AND it's really loud when your outside standing next to the windshield. I found one other owner that this does the same thing - trying to...
  5. How come I can't find my post on FORUM 2012 to present

    Website & Platform Help
    Hi, I posted a question for help on break maintenance on the 25th of Sept, got a couple of replies and today the 28th I could not find it.
  6. Puerto Rico V's present

    Southeast, Mid-South, & Gulf Coast Owners
    I am in Puerto Rico and want to see if their are others in the forum
  7. Honda’s £2,000 Christmas present for CR-V buyers [10.5.6]

    Media News & Reviews
    Click here to read the entire article from Easy Media