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  1. Pretty impressed

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Just drove 325 miles in our 18 1.5L. With 93 octane I achieved 35 to almost 36 mpgs with only 1100 miles on the odo. We had it loaded down in the back as well. I also drove with Econ button turned off.
  2. Pretty bad bluetooth lag in LX 2018.

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I am connected from my iPhone 6s to the built in media system via bluetooth. The audio lag on it is pretty bad. I can click stop on my phone and the audio goes on for another half a second or so. The lag in firing up Siri is even worse. In my previous vehicle, the $30 bluetooth to aux...
  3. Life with Mirrorlink [2016 EX, HTC M9] (tl;dr it's pretty awesome)

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently purchased a 2016 EX w/o Nav and while I love the car, the head unit was extremely underwhelming. I read through various articles about how to get my iPhone 6S working with Sygic Nav and the proprietary Honda cable but to be perfectly honest, that setup didn't sound like much of an...
  4. Clutch Fluid Reservoir going empty pretty fast

    Problems & Issues
    hi everone, just hoping to hear what you think about this...... but just a quick background of my CRV first: I bought this 2007 model 5 months ago with 112K kms on it. it was driving pretty good and felt reliable i even brought it to a random mechanic to just get a "new buyer check" and was told...
  5. What do you think of my V's interior?

    Image & Video Gallery
    Seat Covers I added a couple of months ago, and then my new steering wheel cover I added last month. I also have a Pioneer HD and bluetooth soundsystem. Any recomendations of more upgrades? :D
  6. Is CRV Black SO Hard To Maintain? IT is no pretty. I havnt chosen my color yet, but

    I want black but IM so concerned with scratches and dings showing up more than other color. I llove the way black looks.