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  1. Flush method when previously filled with non-Honda ATF

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I just purchased a 2005 Honda CR-V. It had the transmission replaced before I bought it and I am not sure if the transmission shop used Honda ATF. Will the fill and drain 3 times method be good enough, or should I look into some other way of getting more of the other ATF out? Thanks!
  2. My "new" 2007 Taffeta White CR-V EX-L, previously a Pilot owner

    Image & Video Gallery
    My 2007 Taffeta White CR-V EX-L build thread Got our CR-V 3 weeks ago, trading in our 2006 Honda Pilot EX. We loved the pilot, but it was bigger than we really needed and not very fuel efficient around town, which is 90% of our driving. Here's the first pic I took of our V: Mods I've...
  3. Just came on board and previously posted in other sub-forums..............

    Greetings & Introductions
    Greetings ALL! - we'd appreciate having some recommendations on tires in either 215/70-16s or 225/65-17's - there's a 750 dealer incentive for lease/purchase in April - still in a quandary between the LX and EX (reason why different tire sizes are requested) Responses are most appreciated...