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  1. Log in proceedure

    Greetings & Introductions
    I've seen much lighter security at bank sites. Really, the security here is way over the top. Complicated passwords, security quesyions and the read/type - all on a simple forum. Really???
  2. Is there a Break In proceedure? 2012 CR-V LX AWD

    Maintenance and Service
    Just got my 2012 LX AWD on Wednesday. I am new to Honda. Is there a Break In proceedure? I searched the owners manual but did not find any info on Break In period or process. I know with my 2011 Chevy Cruze for first 500 miles no full throtle, kept the revs below 3000 rpms and varied the...
  3. PCM Idle Learn Proceedure?

    Maintenance and Service
    Who would have thought? Me neither until I read the procedure to replace the air filter. The 2007-2011 Service Manual. Volume 1, page 11-284, step 5., third bullet says: "If you replace the air cleaner element, reset the PCM with the HDS, and do the PCM idle learn procedure (see page...