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  1. Home link will not program on 2018 Touring

    Everything works as shown while programming but the opener does not respond, (rotating code based on the programming tree (Dalton Quantum 3243)); any thoughts?
  2. (08 CRV) Do I need to program TPMS control unit and where exactly is it located?

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm replacing a TPMS control unit that supposedly went bad. Does any one know exactly where it is located? I saw a repair guide on autozone that says it's in the center lower dash. But the figure they give doesn't help much. Also, would I need to program the unit itself? Or just the TPMS sensors...
  3. HOW-TO: Program Homelink with Garage Opener, CR-V Touring

    Problems & Issues
    This applies both to 2015 and 2016 Honda CR-V Touring The steps in the manual are a little short at least in our experience. If you can not program your garage door opener using the proximity of the remote transmitter to your Selected Homelink Button 1,2 or 3, then follow these steps 1. Press...
  4. 2002 crv key fob will enter into the program mode but wont retain program after 10sec

    Problems & Issues
    I have a key fob that has worked in the past. My crv has been loaned out for a while and now the key fob wont work. I can get it to go into the program mode and the locks will shutter like it is supposed to and I hit the lock button again to save it and it shutters like it took the code but...
  5. Fob wont re program / flashing indicators when open with key

    Problems & Issues
    HI brand new here. I along with you all have a great love for my crv. Its a early 04 model 2.0 petrol vtec. Now heres my problem. When i bought the car the key fob was not working but present. I have tried re programing it i get to the 4th cycle of turning key on off etc and the locks make a...
  6. Starting the (20)12 step recovery program for my EX-L's audio

    Mobile Electronics
    We've talked about it. The only thing premium about the premium sound system is the price. The subwoofer's there for marketing purposes, and the paper cones don't sound as good as you'd expect. They're not crap, but they're not "premium." Right now, my 2012 EX-L is at the local audio shop...
  7. does anyone know if or how u can program oe honda key fob?

    hey guys i got two oe honda remotes from an 04 civic si coupe and i was curious if i could program them to work on my 99 cr-v ? please let me know thanks!
  8. Program Head Lights to Stay On Longer?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Can the head lights be programmed to stay on a little after the crv is turned off? This would help the wife alot on the entrance to the house etc. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it very much. :)
  9. 2 Gen. CRVs, how to program auto locks???

    Problems & Issues
    Hello! New honda owner here, 05 crv se model, loving it! Anyway I had my car for few months and I noticed that auto lock feature was disabled somehow. :confused: YES, I tried to search everywhere and found few tricks but can not get it to work. Like put the key in positin II, hold the lock...
  10. '98 Keyless Entry won't program

    Problems & Issues
    I just got a '98 EX and it came with a remote. The owner said he never used it and that it wasn't programmed. I tried programming it the way it says online, looking at all the sources I could find. The LED on the remote lights up when I hit a button, so the battery's good. The locks don't cycle...
  11. Keyless entry won't enter program mode '01

    Mobile Electronics
    I've got an '01 cr-v lx 5 spd. I'm having an issue w/ keyless entry that I haven't seen mentioned in threads on keyless entry on the forum. I bought Honda keyless entry fobs for it in '07 from H and A. Had no issues w/ them until earlier this year when both keyless remotes quit working...
  12. HondaCare's Roadside Assistance Program

    Shopping & Test Driving
    So has anyone had the occasion to use HondaCare's Roadside Assistance? I just purchased a HondaCare extended warranty and wondered how good the roadside assistance package is. I know there is a $100 limit - has anyone had to pay out of pocket for emergency assistance / towing?
  13. XM and Honda Launch Satellite Radio Program for Honda Certified Used Cars [1.23.7]

    Media News & Reviews
    Click here to read the entire story from The Auto Channel