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  1. 2012 CRV Propeller shaft replacement

    Problems & Issues
    Hello I am researching on how to remove and replace a propeller shaft for the 2012 CRV Touring. The bearings are going on mine and it is making a whining/grinding sound when in motion. So I am likely going to buy a DORMAN replacement driveshaft. I have access to a garage to lift the vehicle...
  2. Propeller shaft removal question

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Ok first off I have no NEED to remove mine. Normally no desire to either. However due to the fact we are moving to St Louis from northwestern Illinois over the next couple months, I will be towing a smallish trailer to accomplish this. Obviously as has been done for those that chose to...
  3. Propeller Shaft Installation 2006 CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    I had to put a new tranny in my 2006 CRV. The shop manual says to mark both the transfer assembly and the rear differential before you take the propeller shaft off so you can line it back up exactly when you put the new tranny on. However, I do not know how to alien the propeller shaft to the...
  4. Need info how to disassemble propeller shaft to replace center support bearing

    Problems & Issues
    I've searched online and on the forum, I can't seem to find any kind of info for this. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. anyone ever permanently disconnected the propeller shaft from an AWD CR-V? effects?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi. We were driving down the NY Throughway this afternoon about 70 miles from NYC when a U joint disintegrated and the propeller shaft to the rear wheels became disconnected from the drive shaft but remained mounted under the chassis, still spinning from the action of the rear wheels ( and...
  6. propeller shaft broke, o2 sensor broke, now have rattle on acceleration

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all - was driving on the highway last week when the propeller shaft broke in the front. I quickly pulled over, had the cr-v towed, and had a new propeller shaft installed. Right when the shaft broke the check engine light went on with a P0141 code (downstream o2 sensor problem). I told...
  7. 2004 CR-V Propeller shaft replacement

    Problems & Issues
    Hey Folks I need to replace the propeller shaft on my 04 CR-V AWD. The vibration I have been experiencing between 50 and 60 MPH was getting worse. I took the car to the local dealer for an oil change and asked them to diagnose the vibration. Well...I got a call from the service dept. The...
  8. from which side the propeller shaft engaged

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    hi i have a question about the propeller shaft engagement . when the rear wheel engaged is it engage from the front or from the rear differential or from both sides if its from one side dose the propeller shaft keep rotating? thanks