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  1. Insurance carriers that will provide an OEM (new parts) Clause

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a good insurance carrier (preferable national with good online service) that will provide an optional OEM parts coverage in case of collision/comprehensive damages to my CR-V. I just had a deer hit my 72 hour old CR-V and I believe I've worked it out...
  2. New here but thought I'd provide a fresh view of the website

    Website & Platform Help
    Classifieds: WOW - all in ONE page! A bit overwhelming to locate anything or browse for what you may be interested in. I think similar categories as the forum itself would greatly aide the use of the classifieds. Break it up into: Wheels/Tires, Electronics, Factory accessories, engines...
  3. Please provide a way to Pause/Play audio from devices connected to the CR-V

    Dear Honda:
    Please read this short thread for a more detailed description of the issue Summary: for 2014 CR-V w Navigation (and maybe w/o Nav as well): There is no way to Pause/Play tracks (using the...