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  1. 2005 CRV EX idler pulley and tensioner question

    Problems & Issues
    This is a bit off the wall, as I'm still learning this car. Today's quest is to tune up the a/c. Had been going warm at a stop, but today its ice cold. Hmm, anyway, I'm trying to track down some weird noises when the a/c is on. It seems to be related to the compressor cycling. Of course...
  2. Water pump pulley

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    Yesterday while slowly pulling away from a stop sign, my water pump pulley broke away from its hub. I lost power steering, charging and of course engine cooling. Has anyone else experienced this? The pulley has the "Gates" logo stamped in it. There is 114,000 miles on the car. It is a 2008 LX.
  3. Replacing AC compressor pulley and clutch

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey Guys, So the past two days i've been working on replacing the ac pulley since the bearing is shot and the car grinds when running. Clutch came out with ease, but the pulley was a PITA. I soaked it in WD40 and used a combination of pry bar, screw driver, and a hammer on screw driver / pry...
  4. new tensioner pulley resistance?

    Maintenance and Service
    Is a new tensioner pulley suppose to have spin slower (or show some resistance) compared to a worn pulley? I know that's a rule of thumb on BMW puleys but not sure everyones experience on Honda. Thanks!
  5. Mystery pulley

    Problems & Issues
    Can anybody identify this pulley, and how to remove? A Honda part number would be good too. Looks like an idler, but I can't find any reference to this pulley on any of the Honda parts diagrams at any of the online parts stores, even Honda's. All they show is the tensioner pulley, which this is...
  6. Project gen 2.5 Light weight pulley :)

    Performance Modifications
    Had these on when I had a 4 bannger accord with the k24a4 and notice that the car was lighter on its feet. So I decided to do the same for the CRV. Bought some light weight pullies that is from a base RSX/tsx. Ralco and UR are good brands, but I am pretty sure they all come from the same...
  7. Crankshaft pulley bolt - 98 CR-V

    Problems & Issues
    Greetings. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer. I'm a 42 year old carpenter working on my teenage son's vehicle. I am very comfortable turning wrenches and have tackled many automotive projects on several different cars over the years. In a nutshell, I'm not a newb when it...
  8. Air Conditioner Pulley Sheared Off

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    '98 CRV Timing belt changed in 8/13. Told by independent mechanic that Honda must've over tightened the bolt when replacing the pulley as it NEVER/EVER should shear off (unless an accident and there wasn't one). The pulley was just banging around inside the car and the belt flopping. Drive belt...
  9. Crankshaft Pulley repaired....maybe???

    Problems & Issues
    My Crankshaft Pulley went Loose and woobling in the rubber and died 2 weeks ago.. also the 2 belts driven by it :confused: I have fixed it for now using 2k Chemical metal (see the attached Photos) I centered the inner and outer pulley using a bed milling machine and proper alignment gauges and...
  10. Generic Light weight pulley Install

    Performance Modifications
    I bought a set of ebay lightweight pulley. They are the 3 piece set but I am just going to be using 2/3 pulley since the alternator one is a pain in the ass to get to on these cars. Easiest way to get the crank pulley bolt off is to pull the fuel pump fuse and put a 19mm impact stock on the...
  11. 2006 CR-V EX FWD - Idler Tension Pulley Replacement?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello CR-V Gurus! I've got a 2006 CR-V EX FWD that is starting to chirp or squeak. Not sure it is just the serpentine belt or if maybe it could be the tensioner pulley? It has 135K miles. And It only does this when the motor is cold. After it warms up the noise seems to disappear. Any ideas?
  12. 2nd Gen crankshaft pulley timing marks

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All I'm looking for confirmation that the following is correct for a 2nd Gen (2003). Haynes states the orange mark on the crankshaft pulley is TDC but that cant be right - that must be ignition timing mark (with +- 2 degrees each side). I'm just finishing up an exhaust camshaft replacement...
  13. 2005 tensioner pulley and boot

    Maintenance and Service
    hi I was wondering whats the difference between the $65 pulley and the $96 pulley. Thanks
  14. Belt and pulley squeak noises

    Problems & Issues
    It is extremely hard to pin point which pulley it is that causes the belt noise. I try to look to see where the belt rides. I have also removed the belt just to be able to spin the pulleys that I can. The mileage was at 120,000 plus so I opted to change out the belt tensioner and installed a new...
  15. Crankshaft Pulley Wobble?

    Problems & Issues
    So I brought my 97 cr-v to the shop because the crank pulley was wobbling. I ended up replacing the serpentine belts, water pump, timing belt components, valve cover, and harmonic balancer. The problem is, the pulley still wobbles! Does anyone have advice as to the problem before I get any...
  16. Crankshaft pulley key keeps shearing off

    Problems & Issues
    We own a 97 Honda CR-V that has had some issues lately regarding the key shearing off, twice in the past couple months. First the Pulley bolt fell off, then key sheared off. Key sheared off again today. New pulley was put in as well as new alternator. Hubby is waiting on a call from mechanic...
  17. Noise from the pulley area of CRV 2002 2.0 liter AT

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there, I have a CRV 2002 2.0 liter AT. Recently flood water entered my garage and submerged 3/4 of the tires of my CRV. After the flood went away, now whenever start my CRV, on idle and with the A/C off there is grinding and hoarse noise coming from the area where the pulleys, alternator...
  18. Tension pulley replacement on a 2002 crv ex

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know a link showing the replacement of the tension pulley on a 2002 CRV? I am also wondering if I might ought to let the dealers service department do the work.
  19. Tension pulley replacement on a 2002 crv ex

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know a link showing the replacement of the tension pulley on a 2002 CRV? I am also wondering if I might ought to let the dealers service department do the work? It looks like there might not be enough room to remove the pulley or the screw holding it.
  20. Worth Fixing? Crankshaft pulley bolt broken and driveshaft

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello! I have a 99 CRV with 78,000 miles on it. Right now I am running into the issue of whether to pour money into the car to fix it or just junk it. The bolt on the crankshaft completely sheered off. My mechanic says he can fix it by welding it in place. However, he would not be able to get to...