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  1. The Oscillating grinding noise that isn't my brake pads??

    Problems & Issues
    Bought my 2001 CRV in August. Had almost the whole steering unit replaced 10k miles ago. Had brake pads and rotors done not that long ago as well. Just recently I've been hearing a grinding noise that pulses based on wheel rotation. It appears to be coming from my front left and oddly stops when...
  2. Auto Door Locks using DEI-452T Door Lock Pulse Gen?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I am planning to install an automatic door lock for my 2002 EX trigger by the "P" parking transmission. Anyone have used the DEI-452T to accomplish that? If anyone can share their wiring diagram and pin connector color coding underneath the dash/fuse panel I might be able to trace the color...
  3. Steering 'pulse' when turning?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I'm looking at buying an 08 CRV here in the UK. All looks clean, except that when turning under quite a bit of lock (e.g. roundabouts, parking) the steering wheel 'rocks' back-and-forth in your hands. I'm told this is a rear-diff issue, but the selling dealer is saying it's a PAS...