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  1. Honda Plastic Push Rivet - (which ones did I need - photo included)

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Hey Good Folks, (I had to use pastic zip ties to keep metal plate from hitting the road) I was driving and I noticed my metal plan protector was loose (hitting the road). I have about 4 Rivets missing. What rivets do I need? Do you know if they are removed during an oil change about 2k ago...
  2. There are Push Pins and then there are Push Pins

    Maintenance and Service
    In wanting to accomplish some changes on my 2014 Honda CRV. I noticed some of the original Push Pins holding the plastic panels together underneath the car had some broken legs when removed. They appeared as never pulled before. Would be nice to replace with new pins. The cost at the Honda shop...
  3. 2018 CRV Push Start Button Intermittent

    Problems & Issues
    Question: I have a 2018 Honda CRV that i just purchased brand new in June. Current mileage is almost 3800. The problem i am experiencing didn't start immediately but about two months after i purchased the car. The push start/stop button will intermittently not start the car. The lights on the...
  4. Add Push Button Start from 16'+ to 12-15'???

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Add Push Button Start from 15'+ to 12-14'??? Is it possible to use the push button and trim panel from 15'+ Touring and put it on a 13' and wired up to work?
  5. Push Button Start conversion possible?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Is it possible to use the 2015 push button panel and place it on the 2012-2014?
  6. 2017 CRV EXL+Nav with push button start won't start + other sympthoms & Roadside Svc.

    Dear Honda:
    2017 CRV EXL+Nav with push button start won't start + other sympthoms & Roadside Svc. HONDA ADMINISTRATION: I parked my 2017 CRV with pushbutton start about 4/30 or 5/1 & when I came back all functions on the key fob were dead. Still thousands of miles left under warranty. I had to use the...
  7. New Honda Push Pin Tool?

    Maintenance and Service
    The older plastic push pins usually have slots at the edge that allow the low dollar push pin tools to easily grip them. (Harbor Freight etc.) The newer style pins do not have the slots and some of the older style tools do not work well. Honda has released a new style push pin puller for the...
  8. remove push button start from a touring ?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    dont know how many wiring technical people or on here , but worth a shot. i know the lower models come with a keyed ignition , and also know there are after market push button ignitions out there for any vehicle .. i am not a fan of push button start at all , never was. last night i got...
  9. 2008 CRV push eject error message

    Mobile Electronics
    We have a 2008 CRV EX-L with a 6 cd changer unit in it. We purchased it used a couple of years ago and have never used the CD unit. In the last few days, when we turn the car on, the radio LCD flashes a Push Eject message. We do that and nothing happens. But we can turn the radio off and then...
  10. Removing 2008 Emblems, attached with push nuts

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    I need to remove the emblems from my 2008 CR-V. Upon inspection, the emblems are not attached with squeeze-clips, as I had expected. They are in place with solid, smooth pins, that are then fastened with push nut rings. How do I remove these?
  11. Adding push buttons to empty slot under A/C controls

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    I would like to use empty splot between buttons under A/C controls to add two custom push buttons. I would also need to wire my new buttons to have lighting (I imagined I would brick this from one of the existing buttons). The problem is that I cannot figure it out, how to brake apart this...
  12. 2015 push to start..Want to get the compustar HA6 remote starter installed at Bestbuy

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey, since that one works with the factory remote, thats awesome. But does anyone know the range of the factory remote to see how far i can remote start it from? Or does it depend on the installed module? Also, does the car unlock when you remote start it with this? I want it to remained locked...
  13. push start ignition for my 13 v

    I just installed the easyGO kits for my 13 crv. It include push start, remote starter, keyless entry, and car alarm.
  14. Whining noise when push the gas pedal in 2000 CRV automatic-4wd

    Problems & Issues
    Groaning noise when push the gas pedal in 2000 CRV automatic-4wd Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Honda CRV 2000. It was not there before but recently if I accelerate, I mean push the gas pedal, there is a groaning sound from the engine area. The sound goes off if I release the gas...
  15. FS: WESTIN 2002-06 Honda CR-V Blk Grille Guard Push Bar Bull + Mounting Kit

    Trading Post
    FS: WESTIN 2002-06 Honda CR-V Blk Grille Guard + Mounting Kit -- NJ $100 I have a Brand-new Westin Bull Bar grille guard for sale + Mounting Kit. Never mounted. Mounting kit for 2002-06 Honda CRV included (or sold separately if two buyers are found). Mounting kit is New in the box, never...
  16. Fluid/Filter change intervals (earliest and latest you can push it)

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello all, Vehicle info: 2006 5AT 4WD First off thanks to everyone who helped me with oil/transmission/rear diff/engine filter/cabin filter I would have never attempted this without this forum community. That being said after doing all this it felt very rewarding and I feel more attuned with...
  17. push on and push off pedal

    Problems & Issues
    I know that this pedal works like manual brake. For my 08 CRV, the BREAK light is on when I keep stepping this pedal, but when I release then the BREAK light turns off. Is there something wrong with this pedal? Thanks.
  18. Push pin body panel to reset?

    Maintenance and Service
    I had to remover two center push pin body panel fastners to remove the rear door sill facia when installing a trailer wire connector.. You push the center pin in the fastners head to remove good.. Now I don't see how to refasten that connector.... the pin is down and beats me how I...
  19. Push Bumper

    Hey despirate need of a push bumber for my 00 crv. I probabily would settle for a grille guard or bull bar, but a push bumper would be the best. I already tried Setina but they cannot make one for the crv. Thanks Mike
  20. Grille Guard/ Push Bumper

    Any ideas of where i can get a girlle guard or push bumper for my 01 CRV. Im looking for something that dosent go over the headlights, and is reletively cheap. If u can find any please let me know, thanks.