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  1. Honda CR-V LX 2018 Aftermarket Upgrades

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Curious about any upgrades or products for the 2018 LX that could be done DIY or any worth a professional upgrade. —Radio headunit (with touchscreen or Apple CarPlay) —Remote Start/Keyless Entry (maybe with phone app capabilities) —automatic rear door lift Any suggestions? I know we maybe...
  2. Does anybody else have trouble with the built-in Pandora app over bluetooth?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing the same problem I'm having when using the head unit's built-in Pandora app. If it's the first time I'm using the app for the day, it seems to work fine. However, if I switch away to another source and come back to Pandora, it starts having...
  3. No Device Connected

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    2018 CRV: Default Display- No Device Connected There are a number of disappointments with the 'entertainment center', display and app. Briefly, the app is not as mature or well developed as other manufacturers. Too many distractions and few self resolving conditions. I find that this is the...
  4. 2005 SE, Radio Volume automatically reducing on rough road

    Problems & Issues
    I just got a 2005 CR-V SE. Radio turns on and functions from the radio face. The steering column volume and function selects do not work. Holding the volume lever up or down does nothing. When I drive over a small bump, the radio volume reduces to zero like I was holding the lever on the...
  5. 2013 crv alpine radio install

    Mobile Electronics
    I need to hook up the parking wire to where it needs to be with this radio (cant ground it) they said to hook it to the blue wire at the brake pedal but that didnt work. Other people say its behind the fuse box but i dont want to mess to much with that area. Any help would be great. Thank you
  6. 3rd Gen Aftermarket radio pic request

    Mobile Electronics
    As the title says, I am wanting to see what people have in their 3rd gens for aftermarket radios. I am wanting to swap something into my 3rd gen, but I have the factory amp and would like to keep it, but I want Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay. So what do you all have?! Lets see'em!
  7. CD works but no radio -2006 LX

    Problems & Issues
    After battery change, put radio code in. Now CD player operates, but no radio. Just static. Help!
  8. Missing radio code for Honda CR-V 2007

    Problems & Issues
    Hello. I've bought a Honda CR-V 2007, but the radio is locked and it requires specific code. It turns out there is no sticker, no manual or anything so I cannot get the code. I have the radio serial number and the VIM number, but that's all. The car is not from US, so I cannot use the official...
  9. Getting Radio Code

    Mobile Electronics
    Just had to have the clutch and mass flywheel replaced on my 2006 CRV 2.2 CDTi. Unfortunately in the process the mechanic disconnected the battery and I do not have the radio code to get it back working. I am in the UK, is there any way to get the code for free (or as near as free as possible?)...
  10. Keep oem backup camera w/aftermarket radio 2012 w/nav

    DIY Center Discussion
    Yes! Success. I really think this should be a sticky... he hem (mods) JK. So I got it figured out with everything hooked up and working. Here are the parts needed to get your CRV 2012 oem backup camera working with any Head unit that has RCA input for camera. *I have no kickback from any...
  11. Sirius radio screen cryptic codes

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    On my Sirius radio screen, in the upper right of the display, it shows: SFON CH FF -> does anyone know what any of this means?
  12. Can I install a radio from a 2016-2018 Civic to a 2016 Honda CRV EX?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, we got a 2016 CRV EX. I'll like to get Carplay but would like to keep a Honda radio. I think some models from the Civics, Accords and others like 2016 to 2018 have Carplay. So the question is, can I just swap one of those radios in order to acquire Carplay? That way it would just be...
  13. Radio Volume Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hello... I have a 2018 Touring model. I'll be driving along, listening to the radio (FM) when all of a sudden the volume suddenly decreases and becomes somewhat muted. If I wait for awhile, it seems to return to normal. If I change the channel the sound is back to normal. Anyone else...
  14. Xml radio with Apple Carplay

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Is it possible to control the in car XM radio through Apple Carplay? I understand that I can if I install the XM App with a separate streaming account from XM. Problem with that is, another charge for the streaming service, and issues with my phone data usage.
  15. Reset auto select radio stations

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2016 Honda CRV. I had setup my radio station presets on my car. Someone was playing with the controls and "Auto selected" to the strongest radio stations in the area. Is there a way to undo this and make it go back to my old station presets? It looks like the way they did this was...
  16. 2006 Poor radio reception

    Greetings & Introductions
    Our radio has poor reception. Has anyone had any experience with this and what did you do. Steven
  17. 2012 CRV EXL Ham Radio Installation

    Mobile Electronics
    After a few days of planning and a modest amount of experimentation, I finally got my 2 meter transciever installed in the new (to me) V. I had the same rig in my previous 2001. However, given the totally different design of the 2012, the coax, wires and radio location would be a totally...
  18. Can I use Apple Play - Google Maps and still play SiriusXM from the radio?

    Mobile Electronics
    New 2018 CR-V EX. I want to use Apple Play Google Maps for my navigation. Whenever I go to Apple Play, I no longer have the sound from the Sirius XM I was playing. Is there a way to keep the car radio playing while using Apple Car Play?
  19. Radio off anti theft error

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    So I have no clue what happened. If anyone starts car up and radio is blank but gets anti theft error. Hold the power button for a few seconds. Now if anyone has any idea why it happens let me know. I am too lazy to look it up tonight. I figured at least tell people how to get past it.
  20. '98 To '01 Harness Adapter For CRV LX Radio?

    Mobile Electronics
    So I bought a very nice used '01 OEM radio and CD player for my '98 CRV LX thinking it would hook right up to the harness plug because it is same generation but it doesn't. Is there an adapter that will plug into the '98 harness plug and plug into the '01 radio/CD player? Honda dealership says...