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  1. Mobile Electronics
    :mad: A couple of years ago, I made a $600+ investment to "upgrade" my 2005 CR-V with a Pioneer AVH-x3700BHS. It was purchased new through Crutchfield and professionally installed. About six months ago, I started having issues with it. Now it's essentially non-functional. Whenever it's cold (as...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know of the wiring harness is the same for the EX, EX-L factory radios for 2007-2011? I have a 2007 and found a newer Honda radio. I don't want to go aftermarket. Thanks
  3. Dear Honda:
    Our family have driven Hondas for nearly forty years. I have wanted one for even longer, being taken by the ad on the back page of a car magazine showing a guy and his American iron at the top, and then another guy at the bottom with his Honda Coupe and a girl in a skiing outfit and another girl...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    Anyone know what radios were offered from the factory for the gen1s'? LRV2
  5. Mobile Electronics
    I'm in the market for a 2nd gen CR-V 6-Disc in-dash CD deck to put in my 1998 Prelude. I have a couple questions for you guys before I go any further with this plan. First, do all 2nd gen CR-V's have the amber interior lighting? (The reason I want one from a CR-V is to match my Prelude's amber...