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  1. Hearing a random squeal about 30mph & 80mph

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, this is my first post. Thanks in advanced for your help! We have a 2011 Honda CR-V LX AWD 5-speed with 94k miles. Once in a while, we hear a squeal lasting about a second as we are accelerating at about 30 mph and 80 mph. The car has been faithfully maintained. I just drained and filled the...
  2. '17 CRV - Random Questions

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi Guys, new guy here. My name is Tyler, live up in New York. I have been around cars for years...typically a GM guy (I know that's taboo to admit when around Japanese car loyalists), but my future wife has a '17 CRV and I have a few questions on some maintenance stuff: 1. Do you guys have...
  3. 2018 Random Misfire issues, Fuel Pump Spectra or Delphi?

    Problems & Issues
    I've been having ongoing misfire issues with my 2008 CRV. I'm wondering if my fuel pump is getting weak from years of spotty fuel supplies. I have swapped the coils around. Changed the plugs. Valve adjustment. Seafoam load. Fuel stabilizers seem to provide immediate clearing of problems. We...
  4. Random MP3 tracks don't seem very random

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I have an USB drive with around 400 MP3s across multiple folders plugged in to my '17. I recently started using the "Random All Tracks" feature. It doesn't seem very random though...the same songs seem to keep popping up. If it happened occasionally I would chalk that up to coincidence in the...
  5. 2002 CRV random electrical issues after recharging dead battery

    Problems & Issues
    I left the back window ajar for a few days and the battery died. Recharged the battery and the car runs fine. First thing I noticed is there is nothing on the clock/radio display and the radio won't turn on. I figured it was a fuse, so I replaced it. That wasn't it. Then I noticed the doors...
  6. 2000 crv random battery drain solved

    Problems & Issues
    My sisters 2000 2wd began to randomly drain the battery over night. Sometimes it would do it 2 days back to back and other times it would wait weeks in between. I was out of town for work when it first happened and a new battery was installed. Once it kept doing it, the people trouble shooting...
  7. Tip for using Random Music on your monster sized USB flash drive

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    When I put all of my music on one 64GB USB flash drive. I organized created a folder structure of root then class then genre then artist and finally album. Something like this: root\Christmas\Crooners\Bing Crosby\The White Christmas Album root\Oldies\British Invasion\The Beatles\A Hard Days...
  8. Random black box behind front bumper

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    I accidentally hit a rock and damaged the bumper but i noticed a shattered black box behind the bumper can anyone pls tell me what that is and does it need immediate replacement? Sorry im new to this
  9. Manual Transmission Random Loud Banging Noise

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2002 CRV with manual transmission. On random occassions when I stop and select first gear and release the clutch a loud banging noise occurs and the car shakes. When this happens first gear does not engage, the gear shft selector stays in place. When I press the clutch pedal in again...
  10. Random clunk when braking

    Problems & Issues
    My fiancé has a 2004 CRV and there is a random clunk when coming to a stop. Usually happened after the car sits overnight or for a little bit. Doesn't happen at all stops either. I just changed the rotors and pads and the clunk is still there. There's no clunking around turns or any other times.
  11. Random single beep

    Problems & Issues
    She starts to beeps a few months ago. Just single beep from the radio area. Makes it when i drive or when she parked. The radio on or off. When some one in the passenger seat and no key in the ignition. When nobody inside, ignition off and no key in. Weird...
  12. 1997 crv @ 188k stalling at random. Need some help

    Problems & Issues
    I know there are other older threads however i have done most of the common fixes with the same result. 1.had the valves done by stealership. No codes ! 2.I replaced the ignition switch 3. Cleaned re-installed the IAC No rough idle starts easily when cold. After anywhere from 10 - 50...
  13. random squeal

    Diesel CR-V
    Good evening can anyone give me a pointer, at low speed I have an intermittent squeal with some vibration in the steering wheel, this stops as soon as I touch the break and sometimes comes on when turning. Im not sure if its a bearing or something , any ideas ?
  14. Blower Motor Random Speeds

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    I'm having a strange problem with my 2005 EX CR-V. While I am driving with the fan on max speed, every once in a while the dashboard indicator lights and blower motor fan will dim/slow down. After a couple of seconds everything kicks back up to full power and the fan and lights are back to...
  15. random misfires

    Problems & Issues
    timing belt broke on my 2000 crv, i replaced belt, tensioner and water pump. it started up just fine, i drove it for an hour with no problems. later that day i started it up again and it was running fine but the cel came on. checked the blink codes and came up with the random misfires on 3+4...
  16. Random clunk when I make a slow turn at about 45 degrees

    Problems & Issues
    Hello and good day all you happy Honda owners out there in internet land. Well first off my CR-V is a 2005 SE, 5AT, 4WD(kinds) and has about 70,000 miles on it. I am experiencing a clunk sound coming from either the mid section to the rear of the vehicle when I make a slow turn at about 45...
  17. 2003 CRV odometer reading strange numbers

    Problems & Issues
    never mind
  18. 2012 CRV EX-L AWD noise when going from 2nd to 3rd gear and random other times

    Problems & Issues
    Hello fellow CRV owners. I have 500 miles on my 2012 CRV and ever since it was brought home we've had the same issue. Only can tell when no radio is turned on, vehicle has to have been parked for more than 20 minutes. when going down the hill from our house, vehicle accelerating under idle power...
  19. 2002 losing"power" after random amounts of time and miles

    Problems & Issues
    First thing - I love my car but I have quite a commute to work - close to 70 miles so what it is doing to me is not a little problem. Started last week. I drove about 30 minutes when the car started to shudder. I know hardly a thing about cars but I knew that this shudder felt different from...
  20. Random Cool Stuff
    Advertising is everywhere and generally no one likes it but for advertisers. However, these ads on wheels are really creative and witty to make you look twice. What’s your fav? The rest of photos are here .