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  1. How to read CEL codes on a (Non USDM) JDM CRV (Non OBD2)

    Problems & Issues
    This is for first gen 1997-2001 CRVs. Ok guys there has been a lot of confusion in non American CRVs in finding the OBD2 port. First of all ONLY CRVs shipped to the USA has OBD2 port. All the other CRVS shipped to countries like Australia, Britain, Middle East, Malaysia and other parts of the...
  2. 2012 AWD Read Differential Fluid Change?

    Maintenance and Service
    Took my 2012 AWD with 33K miles in for an oil change and was told that it needed a transmission fluid change, which surprised me because every vehicle I have ever owned didn't need that done until at least 50K. I was told the CR-V's need it sooner because they don't have a transmission oil...
  3. 2015 CR-V Vibration or Shudder Problems (Beware Future CR-V Buyers!!!!!)(Please Read)

    Problems & Issues
    We had purchased our Honda CR-V 2WD E-XL on 5/2/2015. When we hit around 500 miles the vehicle started a jerking or shuttering from a complete stop when hot. This condition continued from week 2 to 3 of ownership and decided to schedule a service appointment. The car sat for a couple of days and...
  4. Please Read Before Posting In this Section

    Website & Platform Help
    This section is for web site-related issues/problems (no vehicle related questions). Please post vehicle related questions in the appropriate sub sections.
  5. 00' Dome light issues.. please read

    Problems & Issues
    Upon vehicle entry, with the switch set to auto, the dome lights will come on when I press the unlock button on the remote, but will go out as soon as I open the door... useless. Upon exit, with the switch set to auto, the dome light will come on when the key is removed from the ignition, but as...
  6. How to read a reply?

    Website & Platform Help
    I posted a question or two some days back, and as far as I can tell, have had six replies. ;) But I do not know how to read the replies. :confused: How is that done, please? I scrolled up and down, visited every link that seemed could take me there, all to no avail. :cool:
  7. Stop and read this post!

    Honda Part World
    Do your brakes work as well as your eyes just did? Honda Part World has the best selection of replacement OEM Honda Brake Pads. Shop Honda Part World for the best in parts & accessories for your Honda CR-V.

    So you own a gen 3 CR-V & as you all know how hard it is to get a body it for are year's of CR-V there is Mugen available if you don't mind spending around $5000. + paint & installation or if you are lucky & are able Techno R kit for $1000. + paint & install This is one problem i can't stand...
  9. Wish I had read this forum first...

    2002-2006 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 2)
    Picked up a used 03 EX this weekend. Got rid of the Pilot in exchange for some better gas far, less than 200 miles on 3/4 tank. Not impressed...and that's with about 100 hwy miles. To be fair it's getting a new O2 sensor tomorrow, so fingers crossed. My old volvo jumped from 14 to...
  10. How to enter audio menu after SatNav error 'Can not read disc' ?

    Problems & Issues
    The sat nav in my CRV is stuck on the screen that says "Error reading DVD" or if i take the disk out it says "No DVD Disk" or what ever. I can't get past these warnings to get into any other menu. i can't even adjust the clock or the balance of the audio. Does anyone know how to disable the sat...
  11. how to read odometer

    Problems & Issues
    I know, a stupid question, but I dont know how many miles I have. It says like 10,238 on top and below it says A 7650 It is the 10k or the 7k. does the A mean actual? thanks Kathy
  12. Does anyone from Honda ever read these posts?

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    I have been around for a month now and have not seen anything answered from anyone from Honda. Honda either needs to get on the ball or the webmaster, one of the two. Thanks Dale:confused:
  13. Please Read Before Posting In the Feedback Forum

    Website & Platform Help
    Please post questions for Mods/Admins in here. Let us know what you like, hate, want to see changed. You can only reply to your own thread, this is to keep the threads clean and to the point. Questions and inquiries posted here cannot be responded to by other members. Please post all other...
  14. Please Read Before Posting In This Forum.

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    This Forum Is For The Discussion Of Rims Tires And Suspensions. This is not the place to come and advertise your rims and tires for sale. The Rules Here Are Simple. If You Have Something To Sell It Goes In The Trading Post Forum. All members new and old are required to follow the guidelines...
  15. '05 VSA Problem + P2646 code - MUST READ!

    Problems & Issues
    First, many thanks to Danno who in December 2010 posted about his fixing his trouble code P2646 and lit VSA lights on the dash. By coming across this post I learned of the existence of a filter screen that should be cleaned or replaced in connection with replacing the oil pressure switch(P2646)...
  16. older crv auto trans issues? a good read.

    Maintenance and Service
    :confused:Hi all, With our CRV we began to notice a mild shuddering while driving around 35 mph. the shuddering seems to occur only under light load, around 1500 rpm, and, the trans in 3rd. gear. The dealer pulled the code, told us it read the tourque converter was bad, a $1800 usd. repair...
  17. Can't read computer codes

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I have a 2005 CRV-4wd SE with about 65K miles. Bought new, sas been a very reliable good car. We went out of town this weekend and had the oil changed just before going. My wife noticed a fluid smell after the oil change but figured that was normal. After we arrived in NH car was...
  18. How to read the radio serial number

    Problems & Issues
    Hi I recently bought a 2000 5MT. The battery had gone dead during storage before I bought it and the radio is showing "Code 1" when turned on. The previous owner did not have the radio code. I understand that the serial number on the back of the radio is needed to give to a dealer to get the...
  19. Cannot dl or read the TSBs

    Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    When I try, I get a page that says 'you are not authorized'. This happens on all the TSB links posted in these forums. How do I get to read these? Thanks, Buffalo4
  20. water in engine, read!

    Under The Hood / Performance
    okay so every time i was my car i like to spray off the engine, making sure i cover up every open element filter (pcv breather and intake) and this time was no different, except for a few hours later. okay after the wash i took a short, maybe two mile drive. came home and let the car sit for a...