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rear noise

  1. Possible Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly problem? Rotational noise coming from rear.

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I'm here trying to narrow down the possible causes of a noise I've started hearing recently coming from the rear wheel area of my father-in-law's 2008 CR-V EX with the AWD. The noise is louder at higher speeds, and I'm calling it rotational because it seems/sounds like it's directly...
  2. Brake noise??

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a manual 02 CRV, and about two weeks ago I noticed a constant tone/ringing type sound that appears to be coming from the right, rear wheel. The sound starts after the car has been warmed up for about 5 miles or so, and only stops when the slightest pressure is placed on the brake, when...
  3. 2002-2004 CRV rear wheel bearing replacement

    Problems & Issues
    Hi I am new to this forum, I just bought a new 2002 CRV EX 4WD i hear a rough sound in the rear of the car and suspect the right wheel bearing might be bad, the rear differential fluid was just changed at 90K miles for the first time, if anyone has the instructions from the service manual to...