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  1. Mobil 1 Oil and Filter Rebates

    Maintenance and Service
    Mobil 1 has a good rebate going which is for $12 for 5 qts (5 qt jug also counts) of Mobil 1 and another $5 if you buy their Extended Performance Oil Filter. They must be purchased before the end of October and redeemed by 11/30/2017 Says it excludes if bought online from Amazon. More info is...
  2. Deals and Rebates!

    Discount Tire
    Looking for deals on tires and wheels?! We offer both manufacturer and exclusive rebates to maximize your savings! Follow the link below for current promotions at Discount Tire. Deals & Rebates | Discount Tire
  3. Tire Rebates?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    When do tire manufacturers tend to run rebate promotions? Unfortunately, I just missed a $70 Michelin deal, but I really won't need to replace my tires until sometime this fall–probably October/November timeframe.
  4. How to find information on Rebates, Incentives & Cash Back offers?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    How do I find information about possible rebates, incentives or cash back offers available when purchasing a new CRV? Is there a way to determine if my dealer offers these and if they pass this directly to the buyer? Do I negotiate the price of the vehicle and then request/expect this as...
  5. Any rebates, cash back etc. available in May for CRV purchase???

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Does Honda offer any rebates or cash back or other incentives for CR-V purchase during May - or can wait until June for purchase?
  6. RockAuto Rebates Ending Soon!

    Bosch, Monroe, all Walker all have rebates ending at the end of October. There is still time to take advantage of these rebates! Bosch Oil Filter Rebate: * Get cash back by mail when you purchase Bosch Oil Filters. Purchase any Bosch Distance Plus oil filter and receive a $5 rebate. Purchase...
  7. Rebates Ending Soon

    DynoMax, Fram, and Rancho all have rebates ending August 31, 2011. There is still time to take advantage of these rebates! DynoMax Performance Exhaust Rebate: * Purchase one (1) qualifying DynoMax® Performance Exhaust System and get a $75 DynoMax Debit Card. Fram Rebates: * Buy any one (1)...