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  1. Caliper rebuild kit recommendations?

    Maintenance and Service
    Anyone recommend a vendor who sells caliper rebuild kits. I can get an already rebuilt but you never know the quality. example below: I see Bigred4u out of the UK on...
  2. Rebuild...?

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Looking for input - 2000 EX AWD with 224K miles. Wife called me yesterday says she sees white smoke coming from her exhaust. Okay... so it's oil or coolant... rings or head gasket. I run a compression test (at operating temp) and L --> R I get 195 - 160 - 160 - 195 SO, I'm, thinking head...
  3. Honda CRV 2003 AT engine rebuild and losing power

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2003 Honda CRV AT which is having a acceleration problem. I'll try to be detailed as I can about what happened and I may get some technical things wrong because I am not really into fixing cars. I bought the car from my brother knowing it over heated before. I got it knowing it was...
  4. CR-V DT+EL 4WD 2017 rebuild to adaptive cruise control

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Just bought this car in Thailand. They don-t have ACC and that is very sad. I have had it before on a Golf and I love it. In the future I should like to rebuild it with an ACC. I understand it will be very expensive to buy spareparts. My idea is to try to find the parts in a junk yard. What do...
  5. Torque Converter shudder at 45 mph; don't rebuild tranny

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello. At 115,000 miles my car would shudder when driven at a constant 45 mph. Honda said it was the torque converter and it was aggravating but would not fail quickly. It was OK at all other speeds. But I decided to go ahead and replace it. However, all the trans shops wanted to rebuild...
  6. Stupid clunking continues after rebuild of front suspension

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    I knew I needed new struts when this clunking started, and my mechanic friend suggested we just rebuild the front suspension, given the age of the car and the fact that we were removing a lot of it to do the struts anyway. Changed out struts, control arms, ball joints, end links. Car still...
  7. To rebuild or to buy a second hand engine for CRV 2010 Model

    Diesel CR-V
    Is their any one that have rebuild their 2.2 dci CRV diesel engine? Can the sleeves be replaced or do you have to buy a new block? And why does Honda SA say that the sleeves are chromed plated and the sleeves can't be replaced? Engine number N22B31007497 Please help with advise! Regards...
  8. Fluids, Fluids Everwhere!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I'm driving a '04 Cr-V (auto, awd) probably three or four times a week, and recently I have been running into some minor mechanical issues. Less than 1k miles ago, I filled up my transmission fluid, my oil, and my power steering fluid to the high point on the indicators. Recently when I went...
  9. TPMS Rebuild Kits | What You Need to Know

    Discount Tire
    We frequently see questions regarding TPMS rebuild kits so we decided to put this post together to help answer some of those questions. First, a brief overview on the two types of TPMS systems (indirect and direct) that are found on today's TPMS equipped vehicles. Indirect TPMS An...
  10. Rebuild TPMS Sensors ???

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    So I decide to take a dry run spin on Discount Tire to see how many BS charges they add-on to a tire purchase. As I began the checkout process, I see where they added on a charge for TPMS rebuild kits of &8/wheel !!! I thought these were sealed units ??? Evidently not - anyone with...
  11. Engine Rebuild

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    2006 Honda CRV ES, engine died, local mechanic thinks timing chain is stretched. car is in good shape 85k miles, any thoughts on whether I should go down the road of an engine rebuild? Anyone else had this issue? thanks
  12. trans rebuild nightmare

    Performance Modifications
    Transmission rebuild on 2001 crv-ex has been back to shop three times because of lag time shifting from park to drive or park to reverse. This is especially more pronounced when car reaches normal operating temp. Mechanic tried to tell me that Honda transmissions are characteristic for lag time...
  13. List of parts needed for complete front suspension rebuild

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hi all. New here but a CRV owner since 2011. I have a 2002 2wd CRV with about 280k miles on it. It's doing the clunking up in the front end. It is primarily a work vehicle (my other car is a 67 MGB-GT) but it gets driven nearly every day and I am dependent on it for my income. I'm about to...
  14. 1999 CRV engine rebuild kit ????

    Problems & Issues
    Where can I locate a QUALITY 1999 CRV engine rebuild kit.THANKS Mark
  15. Rebuild Calipers or Buy Used?

    Diesel CR-V
    Been doing a pad change and a simple job has turned out a bit of a nightmare - rear calipers on both sides are completely refusing to retract. Even bought a piston rewind kit but no joy. Peeled back the gators a little and it's all pretty corroded. I'll probably keep the car another year or...
  16. Rebuilding Transmission

    Maintenance and Service
    Just bought a 99 CR-V EX 4WD with 130,000 for $1500. The transmission pump is whining and slips as you drive. So I'm planning on having it rebuilt. I haven't pulled a CR-V tranny but I have on Chevys so I'm planning on pulling it out myself to save $300. Anyone have tips on this process...
  17. 2006 V engine rebuild

    Performance Modifications
    So i've got an 06 with around 80,000 miles and my dad loves it so much, he is looking to buy another 2nd gen V. He is exremely scared to buy one with over 100k, and hes about to pay like 18 grand for one with 50k on it. We are thinking about buying one for cheap with high miles and rebuilding...
  18. 1998 Suspension Rebuild? What should I replace?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Heya, My 1998 CRV is about to hit 100k miles and I am about to replace my struts all around. As I get into it, I'm wondering what else I could do to improve the suspension. What should I replace? Any recomendations? I'm on the highway a lot. Occasional light off-road. I was going to put these...
  19. CRV driveshaft/propeller shaft rebuild

    Eastern & Central Canada Owners
    Just an information note. I was able to have my driveshaft rebuilt through our local Autoparts Extra supply store at a shop in Gatineau, PQ for $400.00. Shaft came back and vibration was gone. New u-joints, hanger bearing and slip joint was nice and free. Beats buying a new one!
  20. Distributor rebuild

    Problems & Issues
    01 born on 06 /2000 Honda CRV 2.0 4 wheel drive auto. I have did a search and found nothing. I new donor dizzy with a cracked housing so I have tried transplanting the guts into the old housing. I had the normal code for all four cy. missfire so after changing plugs, wires, cap and button I...