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  1. Broken Windshield/Camera Re-calibration

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    The windshield on my 2017 CRV EXL was recently broken and needs to be replaced. When I contacted Safelite they told me that after replacement I may need to take the car to the dealer to have the camera re-calibrated. I am waiting for a return call from the dealer. Has anyone on the forum had to...
  2. How To: G2 Speedometer Recalibration

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I've been running 5-10+mph off for the last 2 months since I've got G3 size wheels/tires on my G2. Going from 26.3" to 28.9" will do that haha. Anyway, my CR-V is an automatic and I'm using the Yellow Box speedometer recalibrator to adjust my VSS signal to mesh with the bigger wheels. Hopefully...
  3. Speedometer recalibration?

    Maintenance and Service
    Did some research. Apparently G1 and G2 CR-Vs with automatics don't have VSS or any sort of speedo sensor? Is there any recal program or any way to wire up Yellow Box to compensate for a larger wheel? Hondata does not have any programming for our cars either (not that I'd spend that kind of...