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  1. CVT Failure - Self Destructed at 77k

    Problems & Issues
    We have a 2015 CR-V, purchased in Jan 2016. As our primary road trip car and kids in school, it has higher than average miles. In August ('19) we began to notice a noise up front when turning right out of our driveway. Never turning left and after the initial noise, everything was fine. I had...
  2. Dealer wont take my recall?

    Problems & Issues
    so i went in cause i have the 1997 crv recall that needs to be done i got this car for free so i didnt look much into it. well dealer calls me up says hes not gonna do the ignition switch because i have an aftermarket alarm system (i had no idea) and he says hes not touching it. i get my car...
  3. Dealer says there is a recall on my 2019?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Have a appointment to get my rough idle checked out since my accident at 900km. The dealer told me that there is a HVAC? Recall on my car and so they will do that to see if it fixes the idle issue, and if not then they will further troubleshoot it. What is this recall? What's it do? And why...
  4. Evaporative Emission System - TSB

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Anyone else have the same update? Campaign no is N85, I was having second toughts about the update, I have no issues with the car, Does anyone know what it does?
  5. Frame recall Canada

    Problems & Issues
    I am in the east coast of cananda and recently brought my 2007 crv in to Honda as the wipers were only working in high. I was told that the recall needed to be checked immediately. Upon inspection of the frame we were told that the vehicle was not safe for the road and we could not take it. I...
  6. New Takata Airbag Recall

    Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    On the news today another airbag recall....does anyone have any info on what years and models ?
  7. Extremely Interesting Recall

    I just saw this on Fb, posted by my cousin. I wonder if it is causing issues for CR-V's too...
  8. Structure recall in Canada

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    Just received a letter from Honda today, going to make an appointment tomorrow at my local Honda dealer.
  9. recall 2018 honda

    Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    what is the safety recall 2017-18 FI, TCU softward for warm-up Pud
  10. 2017 getting terrible gas mileage since recall

    Problems & Issues
    So this comes at a time when mileage is already down because of winter, but it seems ridiculous to me. I'm down about 125 miles/200 kms per tank.... that seems a bit excessive just because it is cold out. I don't remember it this bad the first Winter I had it. Anyone else experiencing this...
  11. 2017-2018 CR-V turbocharged engine recall (what you need to know)

    Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    Hi, If you own a 2017 or 2018 turbocharged CR-V and received a letter from Honda recently informing you about a recall here's a few things you may want to know: 1. The problem began with many 2017/2018 CR-V (turbocharged engine) owners complaining of a strong gas smell (especially in the oil...
  12. MPG change after recall?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I had this service performed and after the update, my mileage has gone down. It's not a huge amount, but close to 1 mpg overall. Has anyone else noticed this?
  13. Honda recall, fortunately not us this time

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) — Honda says it is recalling 437,000 vehicles in the U.S. to fix a fuel-pump issue. The recall covers model-year 2016-2018 Acura MDXs, 2015-2019 Acura TLX V6s and 2015-2017 Honda Accord V6s. The automaker says the vehicles’ software needs to be updated, and in some cases...
  14. 2017 CR-V Touring - had the oil/gas dilution recall done yesterday, but.........

    Problems & Issues
    After I got home, and parked my car in the driveway, the alarm went off about 15 minutes later. I disengaged it, and it then went off again about 15 minutes later. Now, the alarm doesn't appear to be setting at all. -walkaway auto lock function is not working -it will lock with the FOB, but...
  15. Frame recall 2007-2011 cr-v

    Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    I have a frame recall on my '11 Cr-V which only applies to rust belt cars. Can anyone on here say what they are actually looking for and if anyone has seen any evidence of this occurring?
  16. 2018 CRV - EX - Just got recall done - smells musty?

    Problems & Issues
    So my 2018 CRV was 3 months old when I got the notice that I needed to get - Firmware update - AC Control Unit replaced - oil change This was for the Oil-Fuel Problem in 2017/2018. I know this sounds strange but car almost has a "musty smell". It is so slight I have not made an appointment...
  17. CR-V 1.5L T TSB

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Just Recieved This From Honda I just received this mail from Honda. Dated December 2018 - no day listed. Seems to be something they have or will be sending to all 2017-2018 CR-V owners. It is a Product Update: 2017-2018 CR-V for Software Update with A/C Control Unit Replacement; DTC P0300...
  18. Front Windshield is Thiner than other Honda's - Said the Glass Man

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hey Gang, I have been trying to keep my windshield ding/crack free. Paying for glass dings every few weeks. Now a small pebble did crazy damage. When speaking with a local glass man he said they have replaced many updated Honda CRV's 2017/2018. He suggest for me to report this issue to get a...
  19. 2008 Airbag Inflator Recall

    Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    Hi I have my CRV 2008 EX booked in for a Recall for; Driver/Passenger Airbag Inflator may be over pressurised I asked Honda would they be able to save all my SAT-NAV locations somehow as they are important. They claim they are unable to use a "memory saver device" which plugs into the 12v...
  20. NHTSA CRV recall notice

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Just received an email from NHTSA .... I got all excited and thought finally a fix for gas in oil problem.... NO, it's a safety recall for a steering problem