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  1. Recirculate Fogs Up My Windows

    I've tried using the Recirculate option several times this winter in my 2015 LX. Every time, it fogs up the windows until I have to turn Recirculate off and turn up the fan and defroster for a bit. I normally drive with the fan off or set to the first click, and I don't overdo the heat. Am I not...
  2. Hot air in recirculate mode

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Forum Yesterday I have noticed that when A/C and climate control is off and recirculate button is off too it still blow out hot air. Do anybody else experience the same? At summer time as I recall it blow out outside air. Honda CRV 2012. Thanks
  3. Auto AC - recirculate always on?

    In my 2012 CRV EXL when using auto ac it always runs in recirculate mode - only time it doesn't is when the outside temp is below the inside temp setting, but as soon as the ac comes on it switches to recirculate. If i try to switch it to fresh air mode it goes of auto setting:confused: Anyone...