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  1. Air recirculation stays on (crv 2005)

    Problems & Issues
    Automatic climate control system. I've noticed that my air recirculation stays on. Because of the light on the button that stays on. I can push it, nothing happens. Last time it went out, today I don't understand why I cannot control it to turn it off. I have a owners-manual, and if I read that...
  2. 2013 EX - Have I had "bad luck" or is there a common thread to these problems?

    Problems & Issues
    2013 EX - Have I had "bad luck" or is there a common thread to these problems? Hello! I have been reading this forum for several years. Thanks for so many good insights. I bought a 2013 new in early 2013. I have 67,000 miles on it and have been very happy with it when I have not had the...
  3. Gen1 (2001) - P0400 Error - Engine Gas Recirculation "A" Flow

    Problems & Issues
    Hello! So a little background: I have a 2001 Honda CRV EX AWD with about 230,000 miles. Until last week; it has been a nearly perfect car. Super reliable and never any issue. Last week I stalled out and after a bit of diagnosing, I ended up replacing the distributor, wires, plugs, and fuel...
  4. 2012 CR-V EX-L A/C & Recirculation Mode

    Problems & Issues
    Need to determine if the following situation is normal for the 2012 CR-V EX-L climate control system which I purchased from you back in April: The car sits in the parking lot all day and gets the direct sun which heats up the interior. I use a sunscreen to cover the windshield which helps some...
  5. Fresh air recirculation mystery -help!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, This is my first CRV post and I need some help. My 2005 CRV a/c works fine but with the air recirculation button ON, I still smell the outside air (exhaust from other cars..etc). When I place my hand in front of the center vents, one side is slightly colder than the other! I did a...
  6. Recirculation control switch

    Problems & Issues
    2002 cr-v recirculation switch does not seem to work. Indicator light comes on but outside air continues to enter.