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  1. Dealer Recommends Coolant Change & Replacing Heat Sheilds

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Folks, For more than a year now my local Honda dealer has been pushing me to get a coolant change on my 2008 CR-V EX with 66K miles. Cost - $140 + taxes. The MM code did not show it so far. Should I get a coolant change? Then he also said that the catalytic converter head shield is...
  2. Anybody recommends Michelin LX4?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I was shopping for tires at Costco. Michelin LX4 was recommended tires for quietness but only last about 50k. Rating 500 AA. Cost about $165. I have OEM tires and rotate it every 5k. It has road noise, not smooth and feels like it has a flat spot.