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  1. software update related to battery power discharge

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hi Received the following recall notice for my 2019 crv from Honda Canada. Did anyone receive something similar?
  2. Question for Mechanics related to CR-V piston ring repair

    Problems & Issues
    Under an extended warranty Honda is replacing the piston rings in my 2011 CRV that has 80,000 miles on it. They will be performing HONDA SERVICE BULLETIN 12-089 as seen here: My question is: what other parts not related to or covered with the repair...
  3. Interesting Video on Direct Injection Engines - Not Dilution Related

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Very interesting background on DI engines and what Toyota did to fix a common issue that is not dilution related. In fact there is no mention of oil dilution in this video.
  4. Just flat out stops running. Electrical or fuel related?

    Problems & Issues
    My 01 CR-V Will fire up up on the first try, drive down the road without missing, spitting, or sputtering. Then after about 30 mins just stops running all together. Sometimes it will start back up and go another 100 yards down the road before stopping again, sometimes it wont. Once it stops...
  5. 2005 SE, 4WD, grinding in low gear: tranny or 4WD related

    Problems & Issues
    Just bought used 2005 Honda CR-V, 4WD for a pretty good price, but has issues. When first starting out and driving around 30MPH and lower, it seems to be grinding, almost as if it's dragging something, and you feel the grinding. I am sure it has a bad bearing as well, most likely in the rear...
  6. Two Fuel Related Questions

    Problems & Issues
    I recently purchased a '98 CRV LX, AT, 4WD and noticed that the gas pump icon, in the speedo cluster, has the hose and nozzle on the right side indicating the fueling is done on the passenger side except my intake is on the driver's side left. This is the first Honda I've owned and the first...
  7. Vehicle related questions?

    Community Help
    Hi - I'm new here and trying to find answers about navigating this site. Is this the place to ask those questions? ALSO, there are an awful lot of vehicle related questions here and I thought the directions (in small print) said NO vehicle related questions here? TIA :)
  8. Fuse question related to towing behind a motor home

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    I have a 14 AWD A/T. I just had the tow plate professionally installed with a Fusemaster switch connected to fuse 19. The problem is when I switch it to disconnect the radio stays on. It is an aftermarket radio and I don't know (nor did the tech) which fuse the radio is connected to. Thoughts...
  9. Squealing noise related to clutch

    Problems & Issues
    HI all, I recently purchased a 1999 CRV. Its got 110km on it and is manual transmission. Over the last couple of days something has started really whining and squealing whenever the car is driving or idling, it sounds like a belt. Whenever I engage the clutch this noise goes away and everything...
  10. Strange A/C related symptoms

    Maintenance and Service
    Howdy all, We've had our 2007 EX 2WD since November '14, not a year yet. All was well until the first ~100 degree day this summer. We had used the A/C a lot before this, and had no trouble. On that day, several symptoms came about: 1) Lack of power while A/C is on. The CR-V behaves like it...
  11. EPS, VSA, and TPMS Warning Lights – Possibly Related to Towing

    Problems & Issues
    I’ve recently hit an electrical problem that the dealer “fixed” but can’t determine the root cause. It may/may not be due to towing it behind the RV. Short Version On a towing trip, but not immediately after towing the CRV (2014 EX), the transmission was locked in park. After unlocking the...
  12. My 2015 Touring model just paid for itself (CMBS related story).

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    Hey everyone. First of all, I love my 2015 Honda CR-V Touring for many, many reasons. I ponied up the extra cash for the Touring edition primarily (no, exclusively) for its safety features. You see, I have survived 6 brain surgeries in the past. One could call me a brain tumor survivor and a...
  13. Are these 2 error codes related ?

    Problems & Issues
    I got the service warning light on last week in my wife's 2003 CR-V, 2L Petrol model, and read the codes which were -- P0325 & P1298 I cleared them and all was fine until today when they reappeared. First one is for the "Knock Sensor" and the second for the "Electronic load detector". So...
  14. Newbie Question Related to Brakes

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello fellow CRV owners. I hate to be a burden here, but I have a question related to my 2008 Honda CRV - LX trim. Basically, I bought this vehicle after it was returned on a three year lease. So 2011 and I bought it. I doubt that new brakes were put on, so now the brakes would be about 6...
  15. 1st gen CR-V questions (lowering related and B20b vs B20z)

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hi, like in my other thread, I'm looking for the first gen CR-V. I found one that seems very nice and I plan on lowering it a bit (I know that some people find it stupid or else, but that's what I want to do) Although I don't want to slam it, I still want to be able to use in in winter (I live...
  16. recall related window switch question

    CR-V Owners in Europe
    Hi Last week we took our 2005 CDTI Executive in for the recall on the master window switch. On picking up the car the dealership had noted that the off-side rear window would not power up and needs a new regulator fitted at a cost of around £300. We had not been aware of this issue previously...
  17. 1st gen - Engine dies and starts when taking off - not IG switch recall related

    Problems & Issues
    Hey folks, So I've been taking care of my '00 Crv on the mechanical side, redid the F&R suspension/direction over the past 2 years, belts/valves were done 20 000km ago, fluids are fluidic... a very pleasant drive in a 12 y/o car. Then 2 weeks ago, this problem shows up... I'm at a stop sign or...
  18. New radiator overheats + A/C problem - Related?

    Problems & Issues
    This is a 2 part problem. I have 1998 CR-V, if it matters. My radiator sprung a leak so I replaced it with one of those cheap all aluminum after market radiators from ebay. It was easy enough. Everything fit ok and there were no leaks. Btw, I have never ever had engine temp problems with the...
  19. Car won't start - possibly fuel system related

    Problems & Issues
    In December, my 1998 CR-V wouldn't start easily. My mechanic replaced the spark plugs and almost immediately my gas mileage plummeted, the tachometer fluctuated wildly, it would misfire and stall and there was a strong smell of gasoline. Before I could return it to my mechanic, it "died" in my...
  20. Code P1259 - Could it be related to these other issues?

    Problems & Issues
    My check engine light came on today on my 03 CRV, I noticed it when after accelerating my car jerked twice. I took it to Auto Zone and got the code P1259. This code specifies a VTEC System Malfunction. But my car has had two other odd issues lately and I'm wondering if there is something else...