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  1. Oil 60% Maintenance Reminder says I need to change the oil

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    My Maintenance reminder displayed a B2 maintenance reminder yesterday. It says I need to change the oil/filter and air filter. When I checked the Oil Life remaining says I have 60% remaining. Any idea why it is saying I need to change the oil this soon? Thanks.
  2. Maintenance Reminder and what to do discussion

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
  3. Hondalink only shows parking reminder

    Mobile Electronics
    According to the Honda web site Hondalink on the 2018 cr-v ex should show more options or functions that just parking reminder but that is all that is available.
  4. Just a reminder...

    Maintenance and Service
    Since we don't drive a lot compared to when I was working, I've decided to make it a yearly thing to go over the cars maintenance, just for drill kind of, keep my hand in so to speak. This year I decided I should change the oil/filters and air filters too. Hadn't done it since buying the CR-V...
  5. Parking fine v.s. parking reminder? (advise wanted)

    Problems & Issues
    Guys, I got a ticket for overtime parking last week and this is not the first time! Sometimes simply because I forget to get back and remove my car in good time. My friend suggests parking reminder, e.g. can download an APP into mobilephone. I tried one, but I also have to remember to set...
  6. 2012 Maintenence reminder

    Maintenance and Service
    Does anyone know what the factory default is for the maintenence reminder. If so, is there a wwy to change it to 5000 miles if it is more than that. Some manufacturers set them high and with this engine you shouldn't go past 5000 because of the oil screen clogging up in the timing tensioner. If...
  7. Service reminder on a '04 crv

    Maintenance and Service
    A real noob question I just purchased a well maintained '04 crv and want to keep up with the maintenance. How do you know when to change the oil other than the mileage. Thanks so much
  8. Oil Change Maintenance Reminder accurate?

    Maintenance and Service
    I think not. I'm convinced the MM goes mainly by odometer mileage and not driving style or other conditions. I changed the FF at around 1900 miles.At 6500 miles now and the MM is at 15%. 4600 miles on 100% synthetic and 15%. A quality 0w20 synthetic oil can go 8K-10K miles easily. Seems going by...
  9. Timing belt reminder - Maintenance Minder ?

    Maintenance and Service
    How come I dont see an option for timing belt when the MM code shows up and I map it to the manual's explanation for the code? this is is a 2009 CRV and I wont need it for a while but just curious for the future. There is no mention of TIMING BELT in the manual book 's maintenance minder code...
  10. First Service Reminder

    Maintenance and Service
    My dealership sent me a letter thanking me for buying my car, and reminded me that my first service is due at 5,000 miles. They don't specify what gets done, so does anyone know what is included in the first service?
  11. Re-setting the Maintenance Reminder

    Problems & Issues
    Just noticed this morning the letter A on my Odometer so I guess it is telling me I need an oil change. Yet I have 90% oil life and only 1070 kilometers on my 2010 EXL. I called the service dept. and they basically said it needs re-setting. I can't see any other issue?
  12. Headlight Reminder Buzzer

    Problems & Issues
    My girlfriend has a 2002 CR-V EX and has run down the battery because she left the lights on and the reminder buzzer is not working. Where is this buzzer located and what does it look like. Any help would be great. Thanks
  13. Headlights reminder

    Problems & Issues
    Does anybody know if 98 CR-V has got a headlights reminder?? Thanks in advance
  14. Lights On Reminder Too Soft

    Problems & Issues
    I keep forgetting to turn off my CR-V's headlamps. When I turn off the ignition, the warning beeps are not loud enough. They just aren't loud enough for me to hear them, so I end up forgetting to turn them off. Anyone else notice this? Is there any way service can adjust the volume to make...
  15. Seatbelt reminder beep + indicator

    Problems & Issues
    Hi CR-Ver's ! I've Just bought a 2006 model and want to stop the seatbelt reminder beep (and eventually indicator). Is it possible ? I didn't find any specific fuse :confused: Thanks in advance. Phil