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  1. 1998 CR-V won't start, hazards flash when key is removed

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hey folks, have a conundrum here that nobody seems to have an answer for. My 1998 CR-V has ran great and always started for the two years I've owned it. Saturday I disconnected the battery for a bit and when I re-connected it, the car wouldn't start. Won't even crank, just nothing. Even...
  2. 2019 CRV Steering Wheel Touch Volume -- Removed?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    The 2017 CRV had steering wheel toggle that was touch sensitive. That toggle had ridges. The 2019 steering wheel volume control is flat and doesn't appear to support touch. Is this the same with everyone?
  3. Drive shaft was removed today.

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    I've been hearing some strange squeaking noises recently. Also, I started hearing a "bong" sound when I was in reverse & turning sharply one way or the other. I took it to my mechanic & he said that the drive shaft had a problem with where it connected and could be removed, or replaced for...
  4. Has anyone removed intermediate shaft?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hi, 2010 CR-V and I am trying to remove the intermediate shaft and bearing carrier to replace the transmission axle seal. I cannot figure out how to get the 3 bolts off the bearing carrier. Can't seem to reach the top bolt, at least with the tools I have. Has anyone done it? I assume that I...
  5. HDMI Support is not totaly removed from the 2018 CR-V

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I just went back to the dealer yesterday to find out some further info on the 2018 CR-V model sold in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is basically a cross between a Touring and an EX-L. The dealers pick the features for the region, so heated steering wheels and seats plus some other...
  6. why was my thread removed and account closed?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Hi - can any administrator please tell my why my account was closed without notice (andrewscott) and my thread from the past few days "what upgrades have you done to your cr-v" has disappeared??? there was good info in there - and i'm not really happy that my account was cancelled any good...
  7. 2015 EX removed bolt next to oil drain bolt

    Maintenance and Service
    did my first oil change for my 2015 ex and put a 17 MM wrench on the bolt about 1 inch left of and 1.5 inch behind the oil change bolt. I noticed that it was torqued down really tight than as I was removing it i thought that it was a lot longer than most oil pan drain bolts. When I took it out...
  8. Does the O2 sensor need to be removed to replace the catalytic converter heat shield?

    Maintenance and Service
    Planning to replace the catalytic converter heat shield soon to get rid of a rattle that's developed. Already have all the parts, just looking for a free weekend. Just wondering, does the O2 sensor need to be removed in order to get the old heat shield off? Or is there a way to easily unplug...
  9. Will CRV door stay closed w/ door lock removed?

    Problems & Issues
    I need to remove the driver side door lock tumbler mechanism from my 04 CRV, so that I can take it to a locksmith for rebuilding. Once the lock is out, I need drive it to the locksmith, and I'm wondering if the door on my CR-V will still stay closed w/ the lock removed. Any feedback is...
  10. Any way to removed front center console cover on 2007 CR-V

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Can't get a photo inserted here, but it's the panel with the cigarette lighter on it. The side panels remove easily by taking the screws out. It seems as if the piece I am talking about is held in with a couple of bolts on the inside that I can't even imagine how to remove. There is a wicked...
  11. Rear axle engaged when I removed rear wheel

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    My rear hub is not turning freely while my car is jacked up. (I have not used my parking brake in a while) Has any one had this problem. It seems that my rear axles are engaged all the time. When I wiggle the hub the axle wiggles with it. I have been hearing unusual noises in the rear end of my...
  12. CR-V '03 runningboards removed

    Hi guys, I've just removed the runningboards (OEM accessoire) of my '03 CR-V. Now I was wondering what to do with the (original) threaded holes. Anyone that knows or can and will look under their 02-06 CR-V and let me know? Please ;) Greetings from Holland!
  13. drive train removed

    Problems & Issues
    I had a mechanic remove the drive train that connects the front axle to the rest axle. T he joint broke and $15 was better than$1200. A year later, I just realized I cant shift(at the steering column) lower than drive(d4). What would cause me not to be able to put it in d3, 2 or 1?
  14. Driving with passenger seat removed?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I am taking the seat out of my car and understand the removal/re-installation procedures. My question is in regard to disconnecting the battery - must it stay disconnected until the seat is plugged back in or is it safe to reconnect the battery and use the car with the seat out?
  15. Removed driveshaft

    Problems & Issues
    Removed driveshaft from crv and waiting for new u joints. But I am driving crv without driveshaft for a while now and the car is hopping sometimes. Is driving without driveshaft bad for the differential. Will it destroy the differential.
  16. Removed drive shaft no power steering

    Problems & Issues
    I removed the drive shaft on my 97 crv because I couldn't afford to replace it when just the u-joints were bad. Since then my power steering has went out, could this be related or is it another issue. I also have very bad outside wear on my front tires since I never got the alignment when I...
  17. My Detail Cut/polish/wax and nasty scratches removed

    This is not a STI but I figured I would post as you could use similar process. The vehichle was in rough shape tonnes of scratches in the clear and a 4.5 foot key scratch on the passenger side. First I taped off portions of car that I did not want to get wax splatter and the sort all over...
  18. How to disable light when key is removed?

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    My wife is annoyed that the interior lights come on when she removes the ignition key. I pointed out that if the doors are not locked, when the key is removed and the light comes on, she can lock the doors to make the light go out. But, even I think there should be a way to disable the light...
  19. Can the rear seats in gen3 cr-v be removed?

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    I read a few threads below that the cr-v seats can be reclined so the front seats can lay flat. I was wondering though could the rear seats be removed easily for extra cargo room when needed? The rear seats fold up against the front seat and take up about a foot or less of space as compared to...
  20. I removed the radiator on my 05 cr-V

    Maintenance and Service
    My radiator started to leak and I am trying to replace it. I disconnected all the hoses and temperature sensor. I also disconnected the two main electrical connectors to the fans. I was able to remove the entire radiator with the fans attached. It wasn't easy but there was just enough space...