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  1. Residue Inside Radiator Neck

    Problems & Issues
    Noticed that there is grey residue inside the neck of the radiator in my 2001 CR-V. Has anyone seen this before? Wondering if it's a symptom of something serious. Thanks in advance.
  2. 1997 CRV oily residue front side of passenger side motor, also low on oil

    1996-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1)
    My daughter has a 1997 CRV and said it has started to smell funny. I do get a smell a little like oil but might be coolant. Pop the hood and find oil all along the front of the engine block on the passenger side. I check the oil and she is really low on oil. 135k miles. Oil was topped off...
  3. 2016 Touring, White residue and unidentified sticky fluid on engine

    Problems & Issues
    We have multiple 2016 Tourings and have discovered a white splatter residue and an "unidentified sticky fluid" near oil filler cap. None of our cars have been serviced anywhere since purchase, all have less than 2500 miles on odometer and we perform, when needed, all our own maintenance (but...
  4. Left over shipping residue

    My wife's 08 EX-L Pearl Blue has residual residue from the shipping covering at the top edge of the hood and front of the roof. I've tried Tar and Bug remover, Goo-B-Gone, alcohol (both iso and drinkable :p). Nothing seems to affect the state of the residue. It is very hard at this time. I...
  5. Scotch Tape residue?

    The rear spoiler thread has me interested in a rear spoiler. When I was checking out the actual place it would attach I noticed a broken line of what looks like, and feels and acts like Scotch Tape on the surface of the roof, running across the roof a couple of inches forward of the hatch...
  6. window residue cleaning agent needed

    Problems & Issues
    Would you be able to recommend a cleaning agent to clean the garage ceiling leak residue off of the window? The leak on to the window left streaks of foggy film. Thanks!
  7. Removal of sticky residue?

    Wax on, Wax Off
    Just bought an '01 CRV and I just removed a dealer decal from the body. Lots of old dirty sticky adhesive is on the paint. Does anyone know a safe way of removing this. Thank-you for your replies!