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  1. White smoke and judder at low revs

    Problems & Issues
    Hi My 2017 crv went in for a service on saturday. After i had the car back it was quite juddery at low revs and white smoke came out the exhaust after going from drive to reverse. We went out on sunday and after about 40 mins the car struggled up a hill, the engine malfunction light came on...
  2. 2001 honda cr-v JHLRD18781C005811 trans has lo/rev only; no tach reading;low revs

    Problems & Issues
    2001 honda cr-v JHLRD18781C005811 trans has lo/rev only; no tach reading;low eng revs after eng replacement. Replaced eng with JMD engine. Added a crank sensor.Tran worked with old eng. now tran is noisy,tach was working but quit,hdid have drive but was noisy now no drive. codes show ECM...
  3. HELP 2003 CRV EMU light and no revs ?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All Please help as I am £££ broke LOL ! Driving as normal today when EMU warning light came on and from that moment the car is limited to about 2800 rpm, apart from that all good??? Any ideas on whats going on?? many thanks John
  4. 99 CRV Revs Between 2nd and 3rd

    Problems & Issues
    I think my 99 CRV has about had it, but I wanted to check with you guys to help me determine if the transmission is shot or if there's anything I can do short of having it rebuilt or replaced. So the details, 99 CRV, 256k miles, automatic, 4WD. About 3 years ago, 221k miles, I had some issues...
  5. 2015 CR-V Engine revs on downhill

    Problems & Issues
    We have had our 2015 CR-V to the dealer several times and each time mentioned that when driving down a hill, with the driver's foot off the gas or even on the brake, the engine will sometimes rev up to between 2-3,000 RPM. We were at the dealer again today and was told this is normal. If it...
  6. CRV 2001 - Revs fluctuate at Idle - Please help

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Guys My first post and I've come with high hopes for some help. Bought two weeks ago, test drove for one hour, drove 150 miles to bring home. all fine no problems. Then next morning it would stall almost every time when I'm off the gas pedal, including whilst turning, whilst stood at...
  7. Diesel CRV - erratic revs when accellerating

    Problems & Issues
    2006 2.2 ltr Diesel/ manual shift/ 110,000 miles. I have recently experienced different rev problems. On a couple of occasions, when accelerating (moderately) in 5th gear, when the rev counter reached about 3.000 rpm the revs dropped to 2500 for about a second and then picked up again. The...
  8. 2001 CRV revs but doesn't move after sometime driving

    Problems & Issues
    My 2001 CRV AT revs without moving the vehicle- after driving for a while- like the gear suddenly disengages from the engine. The problem started after I had the steering rack replaced due to a leak. During the replacement, it seems the AT transfer case had to be removed to make way for the...
  9. 2000 CRV, fluctuating revs at cold temp, won't revs pass 4000 rpm.. HELP

    Problems & Issues
    Hi i bought this green 2000 Honda CRV LX 4 speed AT back in the summer. Since then i had the timing valve done, oil changed, new plugs and new plugs wire (NGK), new stable rear bar links and new headlights. Now the problem started last week and its getting cold around here in PEI.. when i...
  10. Revs dropping and engine stalling on 2002 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    I'm getting to the end of my tether and am hoping that someone on here can give me some sound advice on my 2002 CRV. I have a problem in that if the revs drop below 2,000, the revs then drop completely and the engine stalls. This has happened before and I got the error codes read at my local...
  11. Engine light, surging while stopped, high idle revs

    Problems & Issues
    I bought my CR-V recently, a 2005 model with low mileage. Recently it's started doing something worrisome: - it surges a little when changing gears, as if the revs aren't matched during the shift like normal - when stopped in Drive, it lurches and surges and won't idle smoothly - the idle...
  12. Rattle at 2,000 revs revisited

    Diesel CR-V
    Hello I have a 2006 Executive i- ctdi which has a strange rattle at 2,000 revs. I posted some time ago with this problem but had no luck in diagnosing the problem. I thought I would try again with this new post as things have moved on a bit. The History in brief is that this is a high mileage...
  13. 1998 running issue

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I just picked up a 1998 crv 150k on it, drives really nice. has a few minor issues the last owner said it doesnt want to start in the rain, any common issues? the 4x4 system makes a screech and judder when real wheels engage in the snow. when you come to a stop revs sometimes drop down...
  14. Engine whining when engine revs

    Problems & Issues
    Ok for about 3 months now My CRV was making a whine when you stepped on the gas. It did it in neutral, park, drive and reverse, it did it with the ac off, it did it with out turning the steering wheel. It drove us nuts. We took it to the dealership and the diagnosis was a bad ac compressor...
  15. Random Revs

    Problems & Issues
    Hi people, My CR-V has devleoped a random problem when slowing down to stop. Once the clutch pedal is pressed the revs build to 2000rpm for a few seconds then drop. I've got a 2002 with 95k on the clock. Any help appreciated! Thanks Matt
  16. Engine revs limited after battery change

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 1999 uk 2.0l crv and after the battery was changed the engine will not rev above about 3000revs. there is no engine warning light and for some reason the central locking does not work either! I have heard that the engine may have to be 'reset' in some way after changing the battery -...